Size vs Height, etc?



I’ve begun learning Silo, and intend to use it to create content for Poser/DAZ Studio.

I’ve imported a figure from Poser and noticed that the scale is way too high, so I scaled it down to an “average” height of 1.8 (for meters). I did this in the “Size” section of the Numerical Editor.

However, when I create a Cube and set its Height to 2 in the creation options panel, I notice that it only comes up to the figure’s calves.

Here’s a picture of what I mean.

Obviously, the scale used for the Size dialogue is not the same as that in the Creation dialogue. This seems weird to me, as in other software the unit scale is consistent across all tools/dialogues.

So, my question is, why are they so drastically different? I’ve referenced the Silo manual, which comes back with a lot of broken links, which is a bit disconcerting and makes me wonder about the wisdom of diving into learning it. But that’s besides the point.

Any assistance in understanding the differences is appreciated.



It looks to me like may have used the scale fields in the numerical editor instead of the size fields. Scale changes the size relative to the current size. A value of 1.8 will increase the size.

If you create something at 2:2:2 in the creation panel, you should see exactly those values in the size fields in the numerical editor. If you don’t something strange is going on. Can you show screenshots with the numeric editor visible with the figure selected? and another with the box selected?

Your figure is way bigger than 1.8m - it’s more like 10m (the default grid spacing is 1 unit (m)


I think I got it now, referring to the scale. The thing that was confusing me is that Y is up in Silo. I’m used Z being up in Blender. So I got that sorted.

However, that leaves me with another question…
When I bring a figure into Silo, it’s laying on its back, and this makes no sense to me, either.

Y is up in Poser and Silo. So why is it being rotated 90 degrees?

Ironically, when I bring the same figure into Blender, which is Z up… it loads just fine.


What is the file format of the figure?
If you click where is says ‘Opt’ next to ‘Open Scene’ in the file menu you can set options for various formats. Some have the option to convert to Y up which might be what is happening. You can also set import/export scale which might be useful to you.


Ahh I wasn’t aware of that.

This is a FBX. But I believe it happens with other formats as well. I’ll look into that ‘Options’ part, though.

Ahh, the fun of being brand-new to software and not knowing what it can do heh.



Okay, so it turns out Y isn’t up in Silo. It was doing that 'cause the box was checked in the Options to change it that way.

Now it loads fine. Nice!

Thanks a bunch again!


Y (green) in Silo is up.

I guess if that box is checked the model will get rotated 90 degrees regardless.


I think I need to just use Silo and stop trying to hop between it and Blender.

I’m confusing myself lol.

Alrighty, thanks!