Size Matters


I have an image that is roughly 2 1/2" x 2 3/4".
I want to print out wallet size images which are
2 1/4" x 3 1/2". The image as you can imagine
stretches and when I use Constrain Proportions
I can not get the size I want.
What I would like to know is how people take
digital pictures, then size them to whatever
they need (8x10. 5x7 etc) without getting the
stretchy or squashed look. Could someone
give me a mini tut on how you go about doing it?


this a very easy way to do that

open a new comp the size that you want

open your comp
-flaten your comp

resize the two windows to put them side by side on your screen.

select your layer in your comp
press and maintain the shift key
drag the layer of your comp in the new comp

talaaa :bounce:

all you have to do is resize your layer to fit the new comp.

but if you want to do things right you have to work with a format that his
homothetical to the format you want to print.

And of course dont forget the pixel aspect ratio if you are working
in the video or the film industry

hope that help


I create a transparent image 2.25" x 3.5"
set it beside the origional image . Held shift
and frug the layer over to the new image.
I then resized the that particular layer to
fit the actual image size.

With that method I seem to still get a squash
or stretch look to the image. That method
appears to be no different than just actually
resizing the image and getting the squash and


be sure to resize your layer in an homotetical way (the same ratio for x and y)
or else your layer will be stretched

i m not very confortable with inches can we talk in pixels?



Working on it…DOnt understand your resize homothetical way?


Maybe you mean resize using % scale?


yes that s what i meant

your scale as to be the same the same % for the horizontal and the vertical
otherwise your initial aspect ratio will be stretch.

if your image looks like a rectangle, and you want to fit in a square, you will
have black band on top and bottom or you have to stretch it
its exacly the same when you want to see a movie on a tv screen

is this clear to you?


Yes, thanks for your help. I got it the way i wanted it
but it does crop a little of the image. It appears that
on my innital crop of the image i will have to crop it
larger than what i want…thnx for your help


no problem
dont bother ask

c u


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