Six Tuts On Light And Shade


Ooh cant wait for the tutorial! :scream:


looks very interesting!..thank you!



Oh Floze

Any update of these tutorial, the final image is bumping my heart :bounce:


Thanks for all the encouragement everyone! I yet have to finish the modelling because of the disagreement with the editor I wrote the tutorials for… the good thing about this is that it will be downloadable on a free/voluntary payment basis, otherwise you had to pay a fixed price for it, which was not my initial intention.

Stay tuned and thanks for the attention!


sweet man! im anxioussss


Floze - awesome dude!! U rock. Really liking the renders thus far - and really looking forward to a good lighting tutorial! It’s awesome that you are giving back so much to the community in this way… Really looking forward to seeing this.

All the best!


cooooool Im following this for sure !


Hi floze

I am the founder of 3DVietnam Community at

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Most image is Vray thing, but you could pick some scenes you want to use, I will try to talk to the author for their scene contribution :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting, thanks! They all look very nice, I keep it in mind for the next tutorial! This time I really need a ship’s lower deck though… :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see the tutorials, I’m new to certain aspects of lighting in 3D and it looks like you will cover alot of ground with these tutes



very sweet floze! i can’t wait to see these tutorials


oh sweet goodness, it is done ???


oh man, whats going on ?


i’m also interested.thanks


He never made em, hes been saying it for so long. Owell…


Actually he did make them. They are however being featured in 3DCreative (If I’m not mistaken) magazine instead . Get a copy, they were shows step by step for various 3d packages, very nice.


OH sweet! My mistake, i was hoping he would post a link here so that we could purchase them through his website. But I’ll take a look at the magazine. Thanks!


Hmm, do you know if its possible to buy an electronic copy of that magazine ?


I would also like to know what magazine that is. There is so many.


I’m pretty sure the article was in 3DCreative, but I’m not entirely certain, I can confirm this once I’m at work tomorow since we get the mag there.

I’ll let you guys know.