Sitio do Pica-Pau Amarelo



   This is our latest work.
 There´s a children story here in Brazil called [b][i]Sitio do Pica-pau Amarelo[/i][/b], which is about the daily adventures of fantasy characters in a enchanted farm. The story has been created by [Monteiro Lobato]( , one of Brazil's most influential writers.
 [TV Globo](, where the show is aired, gave us the extraordinary opportunity to do make this sequence for the Show.
 Here´s the result.
  [Sitio do Pica-pau Amarelo](
  [b]Title:[/b] [i]Sitio do Pica-pau Amarelo[/i]
   [b]Name:[/b] [i]SeagullsFly's Team[/i]
   [b]Country:[/b] [i]Brazil[/i]
   [b]Software:[/b] [i]3ds max, Mental Ray, After Effects, Combustion[/i]
   [b]Client:[/b] [i]TV Globo
[/i]We also would like to say a huge THANK YOU for Ivan Oviedo, who helped us a lot in the animation process

Hope you all like it. Critics are welcome! :thumbsup:



The Doll animation is absolutely awesome! Just Brilliant!
I love that part when she is dazy.

I like her hair too.

From Seagulls fly, this is my favorite right now.




I cant seem to open the file man, it gives me corrupt rar file all the time :frowning:


Hey Guys,

Great work as usual :slight_smile: Front page material!
Like Buko said, one of my favorites so far.




ok, worked!

Awesome, so cute and naive.
love the concept and design, animation is ok, how many people worked on the animation? it felt like there were some animation gaps, i dont know… :smiley:


My favorite from you guys.


Absolutely terrible, offensive and vile. I’m giving you 1 star to put you in your place, and I would not watch it again.

…just kidding Ricardo! You know I loved it man!!! All of the animations were great (especially the girl with the long brown hair…how’d you do that hair???)…the company that gets this as the intro to their tv show is friggin lucky!


Hey guys! A lot of comments already!

Well, it was a loooooot of fun to work on this video!! Reading your comments is almost as cool as doing it! :slight_smile:

Ivanisavich, or T (easier to spell), I´m glad you liked! The hair has been done using Soft bodies, Cloth and reactor…


Just kidding! It has been done manually, using standard bones system. :slight_smile:


It is always great to work with so many talented professionals in Seagulls Fly. This work was awesome to do with you guys, even in the rush it was.
That`s still better with the great feedback.

Congratulations to Seagulls Fly team!!!


Very Nice job!! Excellent!!


Excelent work AGAIN rsrsrsr.


I can’t open the file… :cry:


Lovely piece guys!

Great animation and art direction as always :slight_smile:
Front page stuff, for sure!




You guys did an outstanding job!
It´s very nice to have this kind of quality in children´s TV Shows going in national network.
Beautiful concepts and colors, and great animations along the sequence.
Thanks for doing your best for our culture! Monteiro Lobato would be proud.
congratulations for the crew!



Oh boy! That brings back some childwood memories.

Fantastic over all, specially the animation.


excellent work! High quality on such a broad scale, most impressive


Woah!!! Congratz! This job is awesome! Im proud of being brazuca! heheheh Abraçsssss


Amazing… everything perfect! 5 stars!!!


Its a really great piece Cad, and thankyou for the honest crits, one day il get there :wink:


Super sweet!