Sith Warrior WIP


I’m still plugging away at my portfolio, and here is one of the model’s I’m working on.

This is a Sith design, from the Art of Attack of the Clones. I believe it is Dermot Power, and Iain McCaig’s sketches that are in the book.

Anyway, I thought she looked cool, so I am going to model it. It’s a shame they put Count Dooku in AoTC instead of her.

Anyway, here is a screenshot from Silo.

You can see the wireframes here:

I’m working on fleshing out the model now. I’m doing the belt, light sabre’s, finishing the boots, and the hands. But any comments are appreciated.

Oh, there isn’t any textures on this yet. I was just playing with the materials to get the model to look like the sketch from the Art of AoTC. I’ll be texturing this model later.


EDIT: I found the images online. You can view them here:


Here’s the belt, and light saber’s. Light saber’s are still WIP. So expect all the fancy knob’s etc… to appear on them later.

Expect more updates later tonight.


Here is the latest update.

Hopefully I’ll have the model done by tomorrow. Then on to the infamous UV editing. :smiley:

Any critiques will be appreciated. Also, I plan on making a whole setting/environment for her, that way she won’t look out of place as much on my demo reel. So I’m thinking a Curascant type building, or something like that. But that will be done after I finish her. I still have to learn how to texture, so it will probably be a long while before I get to the setting/environment.


She looks a bit like Klaus Nomi. :wink:

 Very good modeling, even if she does look more like she's going to open for Bowie than fight a Jedi.


I’ve never heard of Klaus Nomi, but I did some google searching and sure enough, she looks just like him. Freaky.

I checked your Blender work, and it’s pretty good. I’ve thought about playing with blender, but I could never really get the hang of working in it. Looking through the elysiun sight, I’m inspired to give it another go.


Looks very good so far. Good modeling, what software are you using? It looks a bit like Maya.



So far I’m using Silo. It’s a pure polygon modeling app that is pretty good, and IMO it’s a lot better than Maya’s own polygon tools.

And thanks for ze’ compliments. :cool:


I did a bit of looking at Star Wars characters and found a sketchy production drawing of a character called “Sith Witch” that bore a stong resemblance to your model. I assume they are one and the same. The should have gone with that character rather than Christopher Lee’s Count Duku. She’s much more like Darth Maul. I think she’s a character on a Star Wars cartoon.

You’ve captured the mood of the production design. With the right lighting she would be very sinster looking.

I don’t know how long it’s been since you’ve tried Blender, but it has improved a great deal since going open source. It’s an excellent poly modeler, and also feature spline and nurbs tools. There’s a new release due any day.


Playing around with trying to pose her. I have to do it by hand, for now at least. I was just checking to see how it would look. I will repose her in a more dynamic fashion, after I get all of the modeling done.

I’m hoping that by this weekend I will have most of the modeling done.


the toon render does nothing for it. its a fantastic concept, very unique and origional while still being unmistakeably “sith”


i would say the mouth looks a little bulgy around the lips (like the cheek area?)

but i have not seen the concept so perhaps i am wrong

awesome work tho :slight_smile:


toon render looks like chrome, rofl…
anywho, modeling is superb, can’t wait to see some textures and/or further progress on the model… keep up boi!


Yeah, I won’t be doing the toon look in the final design I was just messing around with it.

And the concept, at least for the face, is Milla Jovovich. Here’s some of the ref pics I used,

But looking at other reference’s of her, she doesn’t have that puffy look. Weird.

I’m also working on her ears too. Their too far out from the head.


thats really good man. ditch the toon render though.
one little crit - the corners of the lips could be better.
good stuff.


i also assume ur working on the connectors between the belt and the ropes that wrap around the waist, ya? cause they dont line up properly :rolleyes:


Thanks again everyone. I’ll see to what has been mentioned, and post updates either tonight or tomorrow.


Okay, I have the last part of the skirt/pants area done. Now all I have left to do is finish the boots, and she will be finished.

Here is the update as it is.

I should have the boots finished tomorrow. Then on to UV mapping…


That’s looking really sweet. This is going to look top notch if you can texture and render it well.


Yeah dude…excellent sense of volume and proportion. This is looking badass!


Chad…That…holy poo that’s awsome! My word you have come a long way. Seriously. That is truely a high quality, skillfull and well conceived model. I can’t find anything to really crit, and I’m not gonna try because I’d be forcing it.