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Currently developing a professional looking website for Surrender or Die.

Since we still need a logo i call upon you.
Logo needs to be recognizable in small as well as in large format.
Symbols are also a possibility just as long as it breathes the concept surrender or die.
Ingame tags are “=SoD= nickname” so pherhaps u could be creative with the letters SoD.
May i remind this is a nonprofit assignment and you will ofcourse be credited for your work on the site…
Your site will be linked to ours and u will receive a spot in the creditssection.

The game being played by this team is counterstrike, check
This game is being played on high level.
There are several organisations that organize competitions with substantial prizemoney.
The team is Dutch.

If you would like to receive more information just drop me a line.



i must warn you about the usage of ‘SoD’. Sod (in the UK anyway) being a rude word, not too rude mind.:blush:

it seems to mean: unplesent or awkward person or thing.

anyhow i thrown this together for you…


thx :slight_smile:
i know all the definitions of the word sod:
f.e. sod off etc…
it doesnt matter anyway cause its a Dutch team.
Thx for your work though ill show it to the team for sure.


hmmm sod, yea i got sod, its on my front yard. sometimes its unpleasant when a dog craps on it. you have a site or anything for your clan?


i have yes,
but its for our eyes only.

kind of a surprise for the community…


Where are the logos?? keep em coming!!

this is our temporary not so professional site Surrender or Die



Hi! I put together a logo using a combination of Flash MX and Swift3d. Let me know what you think. You can post your response here and/or send me an email at

If you want any adjustments made, just let me know, and I can fine tune the logo to your liking! I love doing this sort of thing!

Here’s a link to the swf:

Best Regards,

Mike :wavey:


SoD … I know you guys from wayback… :cool:

Need specific colors? Style?
Or is everything in ‘our’ hands?


OK here’s my go at it

sorry but i have limited tools at the moment :slight_smile:

and if not on the site then it looks like it might fit on the front cover of a book :stuck_out_tongue:

Colours can easily be changed BTW



Although i appreciate your efforts so far i am not getting the professionalism i would like to have.

I will show some examples that satisfy our needs.
Cyber athletes professional league logo
the-titans logo

And some examples that got turned down.
sodlogo animated

An idea for the logo.
If you could make this into 3d with some killer effects i think you would come close to what we want.
the idea logo

we dont have a deadline…
So whoever makes the logo that meets our requirements the fastest will be the winner.
so get your behinds in gear!


i will post more turned down logos when they turn up… as well as examples that are heading in the right direction


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