Siren Song, Nick Harris (2D)


Title: Siren Song
Name: Nick Harris
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Another painting done wthout reference for one of the challlenges over at the InagineFX website. The theme was ‘Mythical Creatures’ and gave us pretty free reign. I thought I’d go for a not so nice mermaid type. I failed to finish in time for the competition itself because of actual deadlines, but thought I’d carry on anyway.

Copyright Nick Harris 2007
Submitted 18th April 2007


excellent !

5 stars from me !


Stunning artwork. I’m impressed.


WOW…Amazing details…Water looks really good…Skills are just perfect…:thumbsup:


Wicked Mermaid! Great attention to detail!

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Very nice work man, I was missing the creepy side of sirens, but you portrayed her very well.


I really like this pict! its really well done, 5 stars:thumbsup:


Awesome work nick.

I’ve been busy and haven’t come around here a lot recently, but I saw that you posted something, and wow man. Great job.


I realy enjoyed this piece.
The BG is amazing, i can feel the wind on her face. I love the hand that comes out of the water.


Really good works ,I like it a lot!nice~:thumbsup:


Top notch Nick, you’ve captured a real sense of menace and power. The water looks wonderful - I love that I only noticed the face in the water after really poring over the piece. Excellent!


awesome stuff
5 from me


Very very creepy, I love it! So much detail… well done!



Thanks for all the really kind comments folks. Very much appreciated.


Wow, Nice work Nick. Love the colours and the lighting is verg good. The texture on her lower body is great! nice job.


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