"Sintel" - Blender Open Movie - Released


The next Blender open movie project, “Sintel”, has been released!




Hats off to the Durian Team, also the outsiders who worked in their part time on the project.

The movie is emotionally moving, which is a pretty tough job to do in a short of 14 minutes. I didn’t expected it to be that way, I thought it was going to be more action with a little bit of drama, but they over delivered, which is great.

To me, this is a triumph for the open source community and Blender’s future is sealed with a excellent future.


wow… thx for the great news :love:


Congrats team and Blender Fund!
The story is very good.
Technicals are not important for me, but there was some bugs: antialiasing, texture filtering and compositing problems.
Some envrionments and compositions looks unfinished for me.

Overall: very good short, I love the story. The small dragon is very good.


:thumbsup: That’s really impressive, they really succeeded to deliver a quality product with Open Source tools. Congratulations.


While I realize creating something like an open movie is a huge undertaking, I find that this, like Elephants Dream has put visual quality over the actual work in the movie.
Everything looks really pretty, but the quality across the board varies.

The environment models and textures were really great looking but there are parts that really took me out of it, like when the dragon breaks the pillar in the city, the broken geo looks so incredibly low rez for something so close to camera.

The character models are pretty bad IMO. They look like student works. Sintel herself, for being a lead character has really weak form and blend shapes. I found the old man to be the best looking and developed. Even the dragons were fairly lackluster.

Onto visual effects, it was good, but the blood was really weak for such a hero feature.

Most importantly though, I find animation and consequences to be the failing point in all these movies.
Theres a severe lack of weight in a lot of the shots that I guess were handed off to junior animators while seniors took some of the better looking shots. It feels in part like game animations from the last generation.
Lipsyncs and facial animation were so weak. I don’t know if that’s because the blendshapes weren’t there to support it or if the animators just weren’t experienced enough.

And like I said, consequences in the movie are really weak. Things don’t seem to have a logical relation. I’m still confused why the death of a dragon destroyed the cave. Or why the dragon earlier on had to destroy the pilar at all. It just seemed like they were looking for cool things to do and didnt have anyone really tying anything together.

I know that sounds a bit harsh, but it’s just my observation. I would rank this as a little better than a student film in terms of scale but not better at all in terms of story or animation, and in a lot of shots the execution.

Either way, just my opinion. kudos to the team for finishing such a massive undertaking.


I would agree that there were a few technical flaws that could have been addressed. I still really enjoyed watching it, which to me is most important. Congrats to everyone involved, beautifully done.


I think you dont understand the movie. :slight_smile: This is an allegorical story.


I liked it very much, although it doesn’t quite “feel” like a movie to me, more like a game cinematic
(or is that just the wrong impression I got from watching it on Youtube?).
But, overall I am quite impressed :applause:


15 minutes is considered a movie? :shrug:


Well, length-wise and story-wise it is most definitively a “movie” (for what it’s worth).
The “look and feel” reminded ME (just me, probably) of a game cinematic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.



You probably pointed out all the lesser good stuff in the movie that I also felt while watching.

Even if I don’t agree about the pillar scene.

Many scenes are awesome, many animations are great, many things are just amazing, but the few times where it lacks bring down the awesome flow of the movie. I wished it was perfect but it delivered more than I hoped for. Awesome work Durian Team.:thumbsup::thumbsup:


I think this is not considered a “feature length movie” but a “cinematic short”.

Congrats to the team! Enjoy your day in the sun!




The same reason Sintel aged as the dragon died.

To push off of and fly away.


Yes, a short movie.


Looked great to me. Sad ending though! All the technical imperfections could’ve been corrected with more time/resources. Given the small team and small resources, this was a great accomplishment. This is almost like Blur Studios game cinematic quality, but without the expensive tools and rock star animators. Awesome job Blender Foundation!


i suppose the h264 version with 5.1 aac sound is the best quality version, but why is the OGV version about 3x larger then the Divx and h264 versions?

Is it such a ‘bad’ encoder compared to the 2 others or is this actually the one with the best quality (because the larger bitrate used)?


Awww! :sad:

Ha film was great, all crits i could think of have been said, some bits look unfinished but its still very good. :thumbsup:



Actually Sintel didn’t age when she killed the dragon. She just realized she was old and how much time had passed (she was so focused on her quest that she hadn’t realized the passing of time during it). The old dragon is actually Scales all grown up.

As to why the cave collapsed - my interpretation was that it was structurally damaged during the combat.