Singing Bear


:bounce: Hello everyone

Here are news links of my animation , sorry about the unconvenient.

Please feel free to give me any opinion! Thank you.

right click the links and save as

Quicktime Format

AVI Format


But I think U need to loose the blood from his nose.
The slow motion Animation effect Look pretty good,made me look at it over and over.


sorry error links


i think yahoo just block my links, so i need to find other place,

can anyone give me a hand to find a space upload??


Links update please above



I liked it…very nice textures…

I do admit that the facial expressions need a little bit of work…but that might be because we really didnt get to see it much in action in such a short clip. I would recommend at least another 15-20 seconds into it…

apart from that…i thought it was good…Loved the blood…rofl




to ENL
thanks for the advice, i wish i could make this aniamtion longer,
but because the fur really take long time to render,
so if i have more time, maybe i will improve it.

by the way those fur took me 2 computers with 6 days to render >_<!!!
next time i think i will make something without fur, unless i have more computer…:slight_smile:

your sincerely


still image test


i just fix the links, please try again…please…:bounce:


LMAO, that was so funny. I liked it allot! :buttrock: good work! :applause:


Nice one! :slight_smile:

May I suggest you give him more body language. Even though the shot is only chest up, you need to animate the body as well. That’s only natural. Take a look at any news report and you’ll see what I mean.



To xX_eXiGe_Xx

thank you for the positive command,
it is always fun to share aniamtion to other people.

To MorteR

thank your opinion, it is very useful, this is the detail i missed.


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