simultaneous video capture


Is there any way/plugin etc for programs like adobe premiere or sony vegas to simultaneously capture from 2 different webcams? the video should be in sync.


To the best of my knowledge - no.

Granted, I have no idea what your end use is to be, or what you are trying to do with the simultaneous capture (or even what your footage is), but if you’re trying to do a multi-cam shoot and assemble them in post, you can line all your cameras up by a single frame they all have in common.

If it’s an event - find a frame where someone took a flash picture - line all the layers up to the flash frames, get it? If you haven’t shot it yet, get yourself a clapper and start the shoot with all cameras able to see it.

This sync will not last for hours - maybe every 20 minutes of footage, check to see that they’re still aligned.

Then, once everything is aligned, star chopping away chunks so it looks like a multi-cam broadcast.

If all you’re trying to do is save capture time, sorry - I’ve never seen it work that way.

Hope this helps-


hi, you can capture video,but you will need 2 capture cards and 2 copies of the software in which u r going to capture, and a hell of fast computer.


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