simulator project


started this a little while back, and i’ve got it to a point where i’m pretty happy with it, but any crits and comments are more than welcome about changes to it

final render…


well rendered, thats very realistic


cool to see that CAE logo in there. I work for them now, have yet to get in one of those and experience it.



Renders are near perfect.


thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate it. quite a bit of blood sweat and tears went it to this so it’s good to get some feedback.

did a little gif of the progress over time


This looks great! What program you using? What’s your lighting setup like?


Thanks ThidMan…modelling and rendering was Max 8 and mentalRay, all post work done in PS CS2

the lighting rig was a pain in the a*se. 6 or 8 (i forget) area spots from above with attenuation on, and then another 8 area lights with attenuation round the sides of the room to simulate the strip lighting, with back facing plain spots to simulate the glare on the wall.

took lots and lots of tweaking and stupid render times…


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