simulation of movement


I’d like to begin with some simulation process to an keyframe animation, beginning with the basic steps.
i begin with a Sphere
i set the first keyframe at time (0) and the last keyframe at time (25) Y/Position: §50=0(K) to §-50=5(K), §25=10(K) to §-25=15(K), §5=20(K) to §0=25(K)
=> Download … 286 … kb
now using Cylinder (Arm/Leg) the same principle, as before but with a P/Rotation
=> Download … 649 … kb
now adding a Cube (head) P/Rotation, but considers the form of the body movement ( like a rigid bodies)
=> 1. Download … 443 … kb
=> 2. Download … 682 … kb
the next step adding a Antenna ( like a soft bodies)
=>1. Download … 722 … kb
=>2. Download … 932 … kb
the same method will work with other simulation of movement
=>1. Download … 925 … kb
=>2. Download … 982 … kb
=>3. Download … 1.5 … mb
=>4. Download … 1.5 … mb
=> Download … 3.99 … mb

thanks for your time



I can’t see any links ? :frowning: all seems to be ‘dead’


Hello benytone,

I wanted to download your cloth tutorial but…all your links dont work :frowning:

I already wrote you an email a while ago.

You can still host your tutorials on my buds site doesnt matter how much space/traffic you need. You get a free ftp access because i would like to see your tuts long available for the C4D community.

I wait for you pm at least an answer…




hi Pascal
Mein Account wurde gesperrt! und ich war sehr überrascht, ich habe weder eine E-Mail noch irgend eine Info von denen erhalten!
Pascal, hab deine email nicht bekommen, schick sie bitte nochmal!




hey man all your links r dead…and its in german site…can we have it in some english site so that we could understand whts happening there…thanx…


Sorry to all! :slight_smile: reuploaded and it’s showing up



hey really nice rigging stuff Benytone :wink: !


thanks kiteman (you have a lovely avatar) :blush:; new stuff coming soon!:blush:



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