Simulating fluid in a cylinder?


im working on a test tube of sorts…and currently i just have a duplicated cylinder in my current cylinder, but with a shorter radius…is this acceptable? or is there another method that works better?


that should be fine, the main thing is to jsut make sure that the liquid surfface doesn’t exactly match the interior surface, otherwise you get artifacts where the render engine can’t determine which poly the ray is meant to be hitting.


What if he needs a close up? I’d like to hear some theories about doing the liquid to wall skin surface deformation…


i always maky my liquids using a lathe object, that way i can create a lip in cinema, if it’s got to be animated then i somteims use a bool on a tube in the object, and i use a sphere deformation or a wrap deformation to bend the top of the fluid downwards. then i use a displacement (about 1% and very low) either out of the glass if i want accuracy of physicals or into the glass if i want to get the look of liquid in a glass in cinema (by which the refraction will cause the glass to look double sided all the way down to the liquid then the walls dissapear once the liquid appears… it’s difficult to explain without seeing it, but that’s actually fairly accurate for thin glasses.

anyhow that’s just a couple of ways of approaching it. there are many others



Here is a simple example of liquid control in a test tube:

This can be also done easily with XPresso in R8.
hope this helps.


you can also get nextlimit’s realflow
it’s a wery cool program


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