simulated global illumination plugin


this plugin is compatible with C4D version 6 and higher
it called ambient occlusion and is written in C.o.f.f.e.e.
you may have to rightclick/save as
and this is a beta.
the attached image use just 2 lights in the scene
it stiil needs tweaking.
here are some instructions from the Author:

"Copy the file to the plugins folder of your C4D installation, then (re)start C4D or tell it to reload the plugins.
It is designed to be used in the Environment channel, in most cases a brightness level of 5-20% of the Environment channel is appropriate. Users of Versions 6 or 7 of Cinema must check Transparency (use a level of 0% if you don’t want a transparent material) as these versions ignore the raytracing flag the plugin sets (my demo version of 8.0 does it correctly, so probably a bug in Versions < 8).
I recommend using it with Antialiasing set to “best” in order to avoid noisy images. "


hey anobrin sounds cool.
do us a favour and also post this into the resources…plugins thread will…thanks bud…appreciate the heads up.


Nice to see how quickly this is spreading :slight_smile:

May I introduce myself, I am the author of this plugin and here’s the URL for the associated web page I uploaded just a few minutes ago:


hecka sweet man I really like the look of that thing. easy to use too :).

I personally love it.


Cinema crashes on loading, as it gets to AmbientOcclusion.cof…
Cinema 7.3, 256MB, pentium 4: 2ghz…WinXP home.

Looked great too!:thumbsdow


Try the version for R6 or get the latest download archive. Seems like R6 and R7 have serious problems with COFFEE channel shaders that demand raytracing - the R8 demo I have here handles it fine.


thanks stew!
I have been looking for an alternative to dirtynuts for quite some time now. Can’t wait to try it out.

Have you attempted to use it for an interior?


Where do I find a different version to the one linked?


OMFG!!! i LOVE it, TY TY TY TY TY TY !!!


Originally posted by neilyb
Where do I find a different version to the one linked?

The link in the very first post is outdated, I will remove that file.


A little dumb test…i used fresnel on the figures…and one light for shadows…i wanted less light though…just the shadow…but it gives it a nice look…


well just out of interest really.
dropped this AO and dirtynuts…into default material…with environment channel.

closest cube=dirtynuts
farthest cube=AOplug.

both giving lovely range…i would imagine…:shrug:

BTW thanks for the plugin its wicked…really enjoyed messing about with it…i know it’ll get used thats for sure.


Glad you like it. It’s always rewarding to hear when my work is useful for someone :slight_smile:

As for the dirtyNUTs - I didn’t know about it until you mentioned it, looks like it’s the same algorithm. I wonder why it isn’t included in the latest C4D release, maybe they thought that the stochastic “radiosity” (they call it radiosity, but it isn’t, just like HyperNURBS aren’t NURBS) mode was a good substitute?


fling, thats groovy…i cant stop playing with it,…ahhhh


stew: dirtynuts was written by bhodinut guys…so not really maxon choice ifaik anyway…but i think youre right does use same algo but someone just mentioned it…and i thought i’d run them side by side…just out of curiosity…once again thanks.

yup…its addictive…

Kotayus:btw sorry i didn’t get back to you on that chanlum stuff…i’ve been busy trying to change jobs! when i get chance i will render out my experiments and upload them and off you go…don’t worry not forgotten…just time not permitting at present.
love that first one you did…


haha np fling, i myself havent updated cinefex in a while…though im very pleased that people still point others to it, i check its stats regularly and people are still going…so…i havent updated since june, but when you get the time, for sure…send that stuff over, ill post it, i also ran out of tutorial ideas, lol…

Thanks, i dig the first one too.


a test with no radiosity…pretty cool

EDIT: updated the image, put AA to best.


so we are addicted to this then…
messing about…


hey fling, share some settings? how are you getting it so white washed? i kinda tried…can you maybe send me a scene via email? id like to see some of the placement.

your image looks like a contorted keyboard from a piano…do i smell abstract?


just messing about…bud…no specials.
hey bud…put in environment settings and set to 100%.
don’t even need any lights for that…totally washed out…no other settings for cubes.

the abstract one always love this stuff…Mmmm…ok 4 lights…
key-spot-soft shadow.(slightly orange)
1st fill (bluish)
2nd fill (bluish)
omni shadow hard
ditools (material on object noise in colour, environment 100% ambient occulsion…you beauty you…!!! heh heh.)
easy…i know you are gonna love this one.
no radiosity anywhere near…

i just followed what stew said about environment…but i never did much messing with luminance or diffusion channels would be interested in likely effects…anyone?