simple walk animation( need tips)


hey im trying to do this nice animation walk with lowman and i just cant make it look good and i need some tips from u guys.
here is what i got so far( ignore the weird face expression im only concern about the body now).


Ok, first let’s get this out of the way: This should be posted in the WIP section.

Now, what you need to do is some research on how bipeds walk. Check out books like Richard Williams Survival Kit. There are also tons of books on digital character animation that cover the basics of walk cycles.
If you can’t afford to buy some books, do some searching online for walkcycle tips or even other walk cycle animation that you can study. Or just go outside and look at how people walk.

Some things that you can do to immediately improve your animation test are:

Start with the hips. There should be some up and down motion (arcs), side to side motion (shifting weight over each foot) and the hips should also rotate sided to side and up and down as the legs move forward.
Shoulders should rotate opposite to the hips, also side to side and up and down.
Keep the feet locked to the ground so they don’t slide.
Don’t worry about animating the head and fingers until you get the general body movement down. You will just distract yourself with details.
Overlap your animation so that arms and legs don’t move at the same pace.
Arms shouldn’t move uniformly. The motion starts with the upper arm and the overlap the animation downward to the hands and fingers. (ie: as the upper arm moves backward, the forearm is still moving forward before it too starts to move back. Same with the hands.
Arms cross in front of body when they swing. They don’t move in one direction at the side of the body.
That should be enough for you to get started and keep you occupied until you can post an update.
Keep at it! Keep Practicing!

Art :slight_smile:


lots of thanks art these are great tips im gonna try it now and see whats improved


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