Simple stairs - game model question. Quads? One object?


Hi guys. Can’t believe i’m here again :slight_smile: Haven’t signed in here for about 11 years… This used to be the home to imagination!! Anyway… I have a modelling question dear fellows :slight_smile:

So i am making a simple low poly as you can get (ish) model, and i am not struggling as such, but just curious on different peoples approaches, specifically for games really.

But i have this photo of some steps, and i was wondering how to model it. Its very simple, but i guess i am being a bit OCD and want to ideally keep it completely quads, and completely one object with no seperate elements.

That then makes quite a simple object a little tricky, as there are little triangular bits that pop out here and there. I could of course chamfer the corners to get an extra edge out of them and quad it, but that seems a little bit pedantic.

Are there any opinions on whether this is a good or bad way to do it? Waste of time etc? I have a photogrammetry scan which i am going to retrieve some texture detail from, so this also helps if it is one object as the projection cage wont intersect other parts of the object…

So, one object? Seperate elements? Dont worry about Quads? What do you guys think? Would love to hear any opinions :slight_smile:

Thanks. (dont worry about the tiny box/rectangles right at the bottom of the step, i’ll probably just leave those out.)


Well if anyone is interested! I have gone the separate elements approach. It is much easier to model, much cleaner, much less polys.

Though as i say, my OCD is playing up a little bit as i’d like it to be one solid mesh but that complicates the geometry quite a bit.

I’ll post the finished textured model when im done