Simple Sketches (feedback always appreciated)


Hey all,

I decdided that I’ll from time to time make simple models/pieces, and post them to this thread. I’d love to hear from people on how to improve, as always. Here’s my first one:


i Like doing this too, as a way of distraction from other longer projects. Good way to learn, doing simple experimental stuff.
Can’t say much about this, i feel the light of the sky reflection is a bit odd to the sky itself.


Yea it’s a great way to get some cool simple stuff out, break away from the larger projects I’m working on, and just to learn in general! I’m still fairly new to CG, I’ve only been doing it seriously for more than a year now, and I did some CG on and off for a few years before that, so I see this as an opportunity to learn also. That and I just got off a really long project (there’s a thread here on it), and although I’m doing a smaller project as well, I still like throwing some stuff together and making a quick sketch.

I guess you mean that the sky reflected from the window is a little too bright compared to the actual sky itself?


yes to much vibrance is what i think


Hmm, well I’ll have to revisit at some point soon then.

Here’s another simple sketch I did today!


Been a while, since I’ve been busy on a new piece. Here’s something new and quick I threw together over the past few days. Merry Christmas!


I needed a break from my fighter project, so here’s a sketch I did!


This is another sort of quick piece I did, which is still a WIP:


Another random piece I made recently: