Simple Orientation Question Maya


Morning guys, here is my obligatory “I’m not really a modeler” excuse. But I promise this will be an easy question.

I have seen a tool in Maya, that let me select a face of an object and then select a vert, edge, or face and it would snap and orient the object onto the other. For the life of me I forgot the name of said tool.

Here is a current screen grab of my issue to maybe make more since. The red arrow I added is even a rough interpretation of the display curve it gives you when using the too. :surprised

Basically trying to snap these bumpers on this roulette tables inclined surface and want to do it with ease and consistency.


Try using the snap shortcuts: x for grid, c for edges and v for vertices.
Just press the keys and middle mouse move.



Thanks Lluis, I was just coming here to update. I think I found it, there was the snap align tool in the modify menu. I was looking into the Mesh and Edit Mesh menus.

The old methods you listed would have worked just as fast, I was thinking they would adjust to the incline of the surface saving me the hassle of rotating it until it intersected properly.

Nope took just as long as the ole fashioned way.


If you want to orient one object to another use contraints.


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