Simple newbie question:Shaders(Importing)?


How the heck do you import shaders like the ones at HighEnd?
I’m looking everywhere for some kinda file with these shaders in them and I dont see nothing.
I didnt find anything in the manual either…and yes,I did look…



in main menu:
file->import (be sure you have the correct frame extionsion)

in hypershade:





Well while I was waiting for someone to answer…I just figured out importing textures for UVs…I’m learning…slowly.:thumbsup:


if you wantto see your custom shaders
put them in the shaders library directory.

render some scene that thumbs it.
in the Render View ->View->Grab Swatch to hypershade/visor.

and MMB to the black empty shaders thumbnail.


Also, you can put them to shader lib folder.


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