Simple Life: rigging


This might be redundant, but if you save the rig file as a .ma file, there’s a really good chance that anyone can open it with a text editor and change the requires format back to 5.0 or whatever – that’ll alleviate the need to resave the rig in a ton of different formats.

I don’t see where any of the v6 features would be a requirement in the current rig, so it shouldn’t break.


Re: Cornfield.

If only we were all in the same studio - I’d help out by rushing off to the supermarket to make sure all you guys had enough munchies, Music CDs, toilet paper etc, etc!:cry:

BTW - I must send you guys my Fly II “Mutant” rig sometime…it would explain my current level in rigging…

As for the project’s current status - if you already haven’t done it yet - fix what you can and send it off to the animators. If some things are too awkward to improve but are atleast at a functional level - the animators will simply have to make do. I’d rather have them grumbling than doing nothing!

Re: Sheep Factory.

In the same token - if you find something down-right nasty to work with on the next rig updates, let us know. The rigging department doesn’t close up shop until all animation on the project is done - so we can atleast keep trying to improve our rigs til the last moment.


Just make sure whatever stuff we’re all working we save out as a Maya ASCII format…I can just run a batchprocess script I have to switch the files to whatever version of maya (back to 1.0 if we really wanted to :P).

telus has been taking FOREVER to setup my damn internet but it will go live this Thursday which means I can upload a really quick rig I threw together (couple morph shapes on it as well that were hacked up by myself).

I’m guessing the rigging deadlines are after the modeling deadlines right? I got a PM from paperclip and wasn’t sure whether I read it right as it’s still early and I haven’t had my coffee yet :stuck_out_tongue:


MEL: I know what you are going through with your internet connection! last summer it took 2.5 months from me to get internet connection. I moved from Finland to Netherlands and I had to propably call 10 times for the provider and tell that all of my cables are connected, all the software has been installed correctly and I have followed instructions as those were written in the manual! I had to say many times that they need to send engineer because I have cable end in my hand and this dont start to work without engineer! rhrhrhrhgg! I just had bad luck!!!

back in the topic here is quite fast rig FILE

some of you will most propably find it rather ANNOYING that I have connected lots of my controls via expresssions! which in some cases could cause some problems (atleast with speed) and its difficult to follow if you havent build it! But I tought that If I have to rebuild it it would be much faster to just copy nd paste those from the text file!

Its breaking quite easily and you can lose form of the box even easier so you need to be carefull with that!

there is mainControl,bottomControl,centerControl,topControl and then there is bendControl where is connected all of the nonlinear deformers. you can scale,move,rotate all of the controls excluding bendControl. If you rotate your bendcontrol in X or Z you control two different bends and if you rotate it in Y you control twist, you can also transform bendControl in Y axis where is connected deformer handles which is quite handy. there is also customAttrb which controls bendLowBound so you can decide will it follow or not!

BUT atleast this moment bendControl and otherControls dont coOperate so well together so its breaking quite badly apart if you use bendControl with others ofCourse you can do it but its giving weird results!

I know that its a mess but I posted it mainly that animators get something to crit on!


Hey guys,

How’s the rig coming along? Don’t forget the deadline! As long as we have a functional rig lying around, that’s what we need for the animators-- then you can liaise with them in order to fix up any problems.
Sound good?


Maybe I’ve missed it, but do we have a official rig? You know, on single rig that all revisions and improvements are being made to? Right now it just seems that there are a couple different versions floating around which all act differently. And with regards to which rig is used in which scene there might be continuity issues because of the different ways each rig deforms. I don’t know, maybe I missed something and this is a non issue. Later.


We SHOULD have an official rig. That’s what they have to have in by friday.

Riggers are being asked to work with the animators after friday to check it’s working OK and correct any problems.


I have a rig put together at home, like I said it’s still in that little ‘working’ phase as there’s some bits that aren’t totally worked out yet. Basic rundown is this.

  • 4 joints for body attached to simple nurbs controls to rotate and pivot the character, these can also be used to translate the character and give it that ‘stretch’

  • 6 clusters weighted to the bottom 4 corners of the cube and the top 2 representing hands & feet as well as ears (gives a bit more cartoony feel and can add some exaggerated look).

  • rest is all handled by a BS controller as I call it (blendshape icon above the character that stores all the blendshapes for the given character… easily just blend the cube into it’s shape or pose and voila).

Some Side Notes:

The idea of a squash and stretch system is great, but instead I figured it would be much better suited in the way of a blendshape (there are 2 really rough squash and stretch shapes that I modeled as an example). This saves the animators some hassle and also saves us on time for other things.

As far as other features go…I’d like to spend some time with the animators working out a feasible solution, I know deadlines are tight and we’re not exactly on a full feature time scale here but I still feel a few days to have the rig checked out before stepping into animation would be nice. This just came to me after plotting out the pipe last night, from the rigging to animation phase we’re gonna need that few days of R&D period where the animators test and give feedback on the rig, if they are already animating on it and we change it too much we may just be wasting time and throwing valuable animation time away. Lets get the animators feedback on this and roll from there (Kirt, your feedback as well possibly?)


if you guys can let us know the way you prefer to animate i.e. large controls, selection handles, UI windows etc etc then it gives us a better base to start from.


I haven’t followed anything much on that end as work has been pretty busy but what’s going on with our target shapes (blendshapes?). Are we going to be doing them during the rigging phase? Just need to know this so we can decide whether we’re gonna have to put some time aside to model out some solid targets etc.

These questions brought to you in-part by your not so friendly neighbourhood TD.



I completely agree with M.E.L that it would be nice for the animators to have a day or two in order to test/troubleshoot/critique/become adjusted to the finalized rig.

As for how I like my rigs I simply prefer to have what all the current rigs have had. The nurbs curve selection handles/loops. Something that has concerned/bugged me with the rigs I’ve seen so far is that the feet of the box move/deform when the mid control is scaled up or down. This makes us have to animate two things to do one.


We are going to organise a meeting between ‘supervisors’ of the rigging/ modeling/animating departments to discuss deadlines and the pipeline soon. We’ll let you know. So far I think we may give you guys 3 days.
The problem is that our deadline is mid July. We really don’t have much time.


I am also in the modelling department and I would like to throw the main ball of riggin for MEL … so I can move to blendShape modelling! I am not quitting but I am quite sure that MEL knows better what he is doing! I´ll give all of my support for rigging though.


Ok guys, here is the deal. We want the rig finished on friday, we give it over to the animators on saturday, they can play with it until wednesday, when animating begins. (June 1st).

Rig, guys, rig!


Re: MEL.

“I pledge myself to your teachings. To the ways of the TD!” :twisted:

You’re very wise in rigging, I must say. :thumbsup: I’m not really in the action so to speak, but if you could send me a 5.0 version for quick inspection that would be awesome. But don’t let it get the way of your work if its too much hassle. :beer:

Re: PaperClip.

Saturday through to Wednesday? Thats awfully nice of you! :love: With a little bribery( Maltesiers, guys? :deal: ), I’m sure the rigging dept can have your rig by Friday…


Boone: I can have a soft heart sometimes…

But not now.

The rig must be given up by tomorrow!! Where are my loyal riggers?!

Tomorrow night at midnight GMT is the deadline…please pay attention to it!


heh…man you make TD’ing sound like some cult! hides the dark robes and black magic book under the desk. Telus finally called me today and gave me the thumbs up on my net being set to go at home so tonight when I get home I will upload the testing rig for people to just look over (it was a 5 minute job…I will admit to it being a real quick smattering of ideas). I will switch it up to work with 5.0 for you as well Boone so you can take a look at it, no hassle…I only work 10 hours a day, that leaves me with another 14 hours to fill with more work :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully tonight I can check out what Cornfield’s got going and the animators & others can look over what I threw together as well… I guess EOD (end of day) Friday could be a possibility for the rig to be totally complete provided we get the feedback we need and things run smooth :slight_smile:



MEL:Good news I would like to know which model you used for your rig and is it capable for production! because I have planned to do bunch of blendShapes and I would like to make sure which model we are using for final rig… I know that it was one of the tasks for us modellers to do also final BOX but I tought that its propably best to do it when we are RIGGIN the character. Its not that much work to make one… in the end its quite straight forward boxmodelling!! :slight_smile:

so let me know do I start to modify your box or should I make new one!


go with the box you have, the box I was using I made on my own so it’s by no means a finalized piece at all :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to be able to download the ‘final’ model as my net JUST got connected today :ARGGH!: so tonight I’m gonna have to do some catch up and get all the necessary files etc.

p.s. do we have a list of the target shapes needed? Kirt? :shrug:


Re: MEL.

“ONLY” ten hours a day? :scream: Sod that for a game of Soldiers! :eek:

As for the 5.0 rig - you’re da man! :thumbsup:

Re: Paperclip.

Looks like this calls for desperate measures…


Name your price, guys! :deal:


…Stella artois! :deal:

Plus a nice one- armed hug from your producer…oops…said too much…:scream:


play around with it, mess with it…it’s totally a R&D thing, not near finalized (stuffs not even named right!)