Simple Life: rigging


I’m sorry, guys but I’ve only got Maya 5 - and it looks like you’re all on Maya 6. I can’t run the rig, I’m afraid.

Still, best wishes for the project.:beer:


For the walking / dragging feet problem:

While going through the animation trials in my head, and thinking of the ‘sad’ section, I envisioned the two forward ‘waist’-to-‘toe’ sections reading as legs (not feet) making plodding strides (not steps) and the back two corners almost reading as a tail that followed low in a dragging motion.

This way, feet never sprout, but mass shifts and the corners act very slightly foot-like (like they have weak muscles in them). I think you could push this to an almost-tiptoe before the character starts losing credibility. More mass is shifting in the hip-to-thigh area than anywhere.

Think of a sad walk cycle when a person is on their knees – the ‘walk’ leads from the hips and chest.

I’m awful at rigging, or I’d take a stab at it myself :argh:

p.s. – it’s really hard to accurately describe parts on a cube!


I don’t know if it’s just me… but I can’t get Orange to translate unless I select his root joint. The outside ring doesn’t seem to work anymore.


Indeed, should be solved now, you can change it yourself, just parent the scalegroup underneath the maincontrol, it’s a sisternode, not a childnode and it should be.


Awesome, thanks man! Hah, I tried some really stupid ways to get it to work. That’s what I get for not checking the Outliner!


Yeah, I hardly see what the problem is myself… can imagine it to be a lot more difficult if you didnt build the damn thing. This scale control is the way you can scale up the lower control and the joints will stick to the locators, you actually scale the locators.


Alright…just took a look at the rig…got a few things to sorta throw out here…

? - why is there a top controller to translate him in Y? The ground root controller should controll this for the animators (currently you translate him up in Y and it leaves the root control behind, animators won’t be happy).

? - the expressions can be easily made into just regular attributes via nodes and also some smart connecting between everything…I know the character isn’t dense but I have always preached the use of nodes versus expressions personally.

?- wrap deformer…i would suggest against that as it’s based off of a distanced value between the cage and the actual mesh. If we’re gonna go that route, then simply skin the mesh to a lattice and deform the lattice with the rotation of joints etc. The character is simple enough that we could easily skin to it and give the animators less overhead.

? - the squash and stretch needs more freedom… 0-1 and the animators (especially Ali) are gonna be hunting you down (harder to animate smooth animation on 0-1 than it is for 0-10).

? - I’d suggest reducing the amount of control objects onscreen as well…placing joints in there and parent constraining controls to them will be a good alternative and the joints can also be linked to channelBox attributes for the animators who don’t like visual stuff cluttering the viewports.

? - the poses and stuff… it’s a cube so this part is straightforward and simple… just use parallel blendshapes to hit the very cartoony poses & changing of shape/volume. This will prevent the need of “multiple” rigs as someone suggested earlier in the thread which again will cut down on the amount of overhead for the animators.

As a good friend once told me, always remember K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!).

Don’t mean to reem down on you or anything CornField, I’m just lookin out for things here…I’ve worked with many animators including Ali himself and had my head bitten off numerous times for overly complex rigs :slight_smile:




Take the latest update

? not present

? Fact, but I dont have time to work with nodes, typing in an attribute is faster for me :slight_smile:

? not present

? can be fixed, dunno if it’s the same in my rig

? hmmm

? working on it


I have to agree with every point shawn made , right now the rig is overly complicated and not fun to animate.

Also , is there a way to have a control that controls where squash\stretch deformer is applied from and its direction? right now its squashing to the middle and its not really usable for most things i would like to be able to put its center to the bottom of the cube or top of the cube depending on what i need to do.


I should have the internet up and running by next week so what I will do is work on a straightforward rig, maybe throw some blendshapes into the mix and I’ll throw up a rig people can play around with.

i’ll take a look over the updated rig as well and see what there is in there.


mmmk…i actually just took a look at the updated rig here…few things.

? - gotta get rid of that smooth factor…keeping history is a no no when rigging…it just prevents later issues…if the resolution needs to be modified then we can run a MEL script at render time to subdivide it. Reason being for this is MOST animators animate using key all (the joyous S key) and we really don’t want to have extra anim curves for them to have to sift through and worry about.

? - I’m not really all for that way the bottom edges kick out when rotating the character… i mean it’s cool and all, but what if the animator doesn’t want the toes to kick out when he is rotating the base?

? - the top influence is pretty uhm…soft…loses a lot of volume down in the mid section when you rotate the top-most controller and stuff.

? - lock controllers…can’t we just put those into 1 attribute on the root controller? Probably just store ALL the custom attrs on the root controller so the animators dont have to go looking or switching back-and-forth in the graph editor

I’ll start working on some ideas and post up what I have made when I get the internet hooked up at my new place.


M.E.L: heheh I am not offended at all! Nice to see constructive crits here!
after coming weekend I’ll start to put some effort to the better cube rig

we should make somekind of “feature list/control list” and what should be automated or should we leave all of that for animators because orange is quite simple being! and plan how many rigs we need (of course we dont know yet what Kind of trix Orange has to perform but…) or can we just use same rig for everything!

I would suggest that there is atleast two different rigs one for moving: Jumping, walking, sliding whatever our orange does to get it’s ass of the ground, and one for deforming: emotional poses, making love,… complex thinks like that strongly boosted with blendshapes!


You can change what you want, I just did a rig because no one else did. Now I don’t have time anymore, so I’ll just wait for a good rig to animate.


Areed, I do think it would be best to work out a feature list…this should also be added to by the animators to get a feel for what they want (think dailies like in film during pre-pro).

derby: totally understand where you’re comin from dude, there are definitely some things to be taken from the rig which is a key part. If everyone puts their heads together on this the outcome will be great :slight_smile:


I’ve been using CornFielD’s first rig as the the one I’m using for my animation tests. The two things I would like changed on it are: 1. Make it so the x and y translation are on a single control (which I think you did in your last revision) 2. Stop the bottom of the box from moving when adjusting the midControl (which I think was mentioned before)

Other than that I can’t think of anything else I need/want for the box rig. As with most things I won’t realize what I want/need until I actually get into the situation I need it in so I’ll come crying to you guys later screaming “Fix it! Fix it! Oh please God fix it! PLEASE!”:cry:

Looking foreward to your new rigs.


I still wanna remind that I really cant say that its my rig! derbyqsalanos made that rig and I just did some changes to it!


Hey you guys, I’m just sticking my head in here to see whats going on and if anyone has any newer rigs? Later.


Primary riggers: M.E.L and CornfielD.

Please, both of you take a copy of Wim’s rig and work on it until it is perfect! Liase with the animators (P.M Sheepfactory) in order to see whether the rig works for them.

Be advised that the deadline is the 27th!!


Okay, PaperClip has asked me to “keep an eye on things”.

As it stands, I’m using Maya 5.0 - you guys appear to be using 6.0 and 6.5…I simply cannot run your rigs. I know a bit of rigging and programming, so if you need another mind to chew the fat over anything - I’m here for ya!

Send me a PM if any problems arise… :thumbsup:


Boone: If you have ideas feel free to express yourself we can open your rigs! and we are open for ideas!

I made rig on weeken before last… and I might post it later today when I have finished modelling! (BUT its made with 6.5 so its not much help for all of you(yea I know it was stupid mistake from me… I just started to play with maya which I had open, and it turned out to be rig for orange))