Simple Life: rigging


ok I started rigging thread so we dont need to find posts and opinions from different threads!

I am still working with my own rig, but I checked derby’s rig and made couple of improvements to it

I made wrap around it, added squah deformer and control for it to “mainControl”(wich is breaking at the moment rig a part :slight_smile: ),
also I put upDown movement to different control, atleast for me its more confortable (you can choose if you wanna use it or not)! added colors to controls and subdiv approx to get model smooth at render time.

also I scripted userinterface for it but I am not satisfied to it so I am not going to post it!

atleast wrap deformer needs “RESET” button



Corn, would you mind putting up a screencap of your rig so that those without maya can see what it looks like? Or even these with maya being able to without having to download all the rigs?

We’re trying to keep this as ‘open’ as possible so that it’s easier for everyone to collaborate.

This goes for the rest of you riggers! :slight_smile:


there is expressions and controls in different places simple screencapture dont give clear image of the rig! you need to play with it that you know does it work

and its not my rig its Derbyqsalanos rig! I just made couple of minor modifications.


hi guys, here’s my two cents:

I think we gonna need 4 different types of rigs:

  • 3 for the orange
    a) a basic rig for walking, jumping and for expressions, basically capable of bending, twisting, stretching and squashing.
    b) a specific rig for the scene 28 and from scene 31a to 31e to have nice poses. This rig could be based on blendshapes (my personal suggestion)
    c) and a last (basic) rig when the orange turns himself in a cylinder this rig will be the easiest of the three, enabling orange to bend (and twist?)

  • 1 general rig for the crowd (could be one of the orange’s rig. specifically the first one)

what do you think?


Sounds good Dig.

Corn, I was wondering why you put a wrap around there, wrapping works in a distance to surface manner, so when you have a lowpoly cage, you will get the same lowpoly deformations on the geometry… Smoothing is definatelly the only easy and fast way, wrapping needs more calculation power too…

Another thing, I wouldn’t split up the translate up from the other two directions, unless you have a good reason for that, it doesnt make any sence to me, if I move my object I want it to move in 3 directions.

Also, the squash and squeeze, put on the mainControl might be a bit far from what will be finally needed. I hope the bigshots draw some of the extremes, so we know what we have to put in as blendshapes…

For those who want to modify the rig I made, there's some important points that need a solution. 

1. The rotating butt and head don't work at all when the cube is scaled, I don't have a solution for that at the moment... perhaps use translations instead of scale on the joints, but I've gotten some problems doing that as well... [color=SeaGreen]Solved

[color=Red]2. Bottom and top should remain at the same scale… Solved

  1. Scale lock between the three secundary controls need to be fixed…

  2. I think I will be adding some of the special effects, like the accordion squash, as blendshapes to the model… So blends for special deforms…

  3. Control to orient the top joint…[/color][/color][color=SeaGreen] Implemented

[color=Red]6. Give the cube feet…

  1. Give the cube the ability to stretch its head to view through that hole


There are some 3ds and fbx models and a scene file (max) for download if you guys want to play around with it. Check the modelling thread.

Edit: .fbx scene file -

I am not sure how the fbx file will hold up in Maya. The format doesn’t seem to import too well into max.


When not working in the aggreed application, please save as a filetype which can be imported without too much trouble. There’s an fbx exporter available for MAX, which works without trouble, the only problem it gives is that it seperates the faces of different smoothing groups. Btw the link to the thread is corrupted.

Edit Excellent sphere! However, do you export quads? Cause smoothing tris gives terrible results when deforming


I have updated the rig since no one else is doing it. I changed scale in Y to translation in Y. I added a lock to the top and bottom joints, if you turn the lock on (located in mainControl) the top and bottom joints will keep scale 1 1 in X and Z (world axis) if you turn it down to 0, top and bottom will scale along with the rest. You can also put it at values in between to get the best result you want. I’m still having trouble with the scale lock on the mid and upper control circles (so the nifty locks on the side of the two upper rings will not work :(. The scale of these should be able to stay the same as the buttControl scale, however, after applying a scale constraint, scaling the lower control, will reset the scale of the constrained control, even if the control’s weight is set to 0… Perhaps this is a bug and this is solved in 6.5, I will check that now…


Btw I didnt mean to offend you Corn, I used your suggestions and put them in in a slightly different manner. I can make a lock to seperate the Y from the XZ axis too if you want.


Updated v01

  • With a decent skin (I think, need to test it better now)
  • Added a smooth control to the mainControl which sets the amount of divisions. Perhaps it would be best to render in Subdiv, I dunno, if we have to transfer scenes from one person to another, that might be a good idea…


Feedback is rolling in I see… Question: In what way would it be best to give the cube feet? Do I give it four feet, for every corner a foot, or do I give it two feet, so the rear corners just drag along? or do I make the feet as opposite sides? Or do I put in the ability to do it all?


I have max, so I can’t import…but I think personally that the ‘feet’ could be the opposite sides-- maybe have a way to ‘hitch up’ the middle of the footprint so that there are feet…

does this make sense?!


Yeah it does, I should be able to rig it, as if the corners would be toes and heels… However, then it wont be able to drag his rear corners… perhaps that wont even be necessary


K, I just tested that, and ran into a problem. After rotating and scaling all three controls in no particular order, I have wound up with the rig leaning to the side, all controls zeroed out (except for scale obviously), and I am unable to return it to the standard, upright position.


Might be caused by the way Maya interprets the limit information. Ill check it out


I don’t think we’ll have to worry about him dragging his rear corners- his ‘walk’ is for such a short period of time, our main focus during that point is to put over the emotion. Having him hunched over and walking like a human would really strike the empathy chord. Just having him have toes & heels, with a slightly hitched up middle section (this could cause a ‘gut’ to spill out, all the better :smiley: ) would probably give a great effect.

What do you think? Speak now, or forever hold your peace.


I envisioned a bit of drag to the heels when putting together the storyboards. I’m not sure how this would translate to 3D. I guess I’d have to see a test animation of both ways to say what works best. Sorry if that means more work for you guys, but I’m a visual type of guy. I can’t tell much from the technical talk of “point constraints” and “scale restraints.” :argh:


we could use a mix of blendshapes (to maintain weight) and bones to achieve the effect of the ‘feet’, but we could have him dragging his feet behind…otherwise his front parts will move faster, and that would give rather an odd effect?!


Well I think dragging would not be necessary, if a human is sad, his feet drag, so I would do the same thing, just dont lift the heels that much, will be easy to put together I think. Ill let you know when I have it implemented, right after I get better damned


I am sure we’ll solve the walking through animation , he can shuffle around like in Kirts storyboards. I am totally against growing legs/feet/corner stumps out of the cube , if it has legs why is it bouncing in the first place? The character wont be believable.


That’s what I was wondering too