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Do you need another modeller??


Is this project still going? Looks like there’s only been a few posts in the past few years. Everything dates back to 2005. Did it die off or move into private production elsewhere?


Re: Riki.

Well, as far as I can tell, this project looks like its on hold - until someone takes it up again. I remember when I was part of it - both with great fondness and at the same time some frustration.

I was really hoping to do some rigging’n’coding(its what I enjoy best), but as you can see the real work was in the animation department. But I really wanted to be part of this project and thus rolled my sleaves up and tried my hand at some animation. I still have some memories of Kirt reviewing my work and it was great to have another person trying to get the best out of me.

Unfortunately, I think - at the time - it was just me and one other member doing animation work. The thing was that we didnt have trouble finding people to work on the project; It was getting team members to use the same software. As soon as we made the decision to use Maya - quite a few people wished us well and left the project. I think a few of them were 3dsMax, XSI and Lightwave users. Add to that those running on out of date Maya versions and we had a serious problem.

Technically there was two solutions to this problem…

  1. Have everyone download Blender. The logic to this argument was that everyone would have access to not only the same software, but the same versions as well and for free. The down side to this was that although Blender was capable of getting the work done, quite a few felt it was a frustrating piece of software to use. I think now that XSI foundation has been released since then, and if the project was reopened, we could all fork out £300 and have a strong character animation tool set to work with. This way, we can use any software for modelling’n’texturing(though redundant on this first project), and then XSI Foundation for animation and rendering.

  2. Make seperate “Application teams” to handle individual shots. Basically, an XSI team, a Maya team, a 3dsMax team and so on. Each of these teams would be charged with producing their fair share of the final shots. Considering that modelling and rigging was done in practically less than two weeks( a cube and a sphere ladies and gentlemen! ) you would only need two animators per team to make a huge dent in the animation work load. As long as the final renders came out in the same image format - there really isnt any problem to this method. Say if the Maya team suddenly found themselves falling apart - the other teams could then take over one of their shots. Its a bit like having VFX houses working in a group on a film. Hell, you could have a competition amungst the teams to whack out the most shots!

But anyway, it was great while it lasted and I dont regret it not one bit. Infact, I still have parts of the project on my hard drive…:slight_smile:


That’s a shame, I can imagine how difficult it would be to manage a team under those circumstance. But good to highlight some of the problems for others thinking of heading down this path. The separate animation teams sounds like a good idea.


Yeah, I was dissapointed to find the collab wasn’t running anymore - I joined CSociety because of it (I suppose I should really have checked first - oh well.)


Pretty sure I still have elements laying around on my HD too—though I was only involved in the Previz stuff at the very beginning. I was sad to see the project sputter to and end as well but these kind of projects notoriously hard to keep on track.


I still have the scene models in max or maya. They were rigged up in Maya, but I don’t have those files. I’m sure it wouldn’t take long to do though.

If someone wants to pick this up I can upload the files.


The project is open for anyone to pick it up.

I’ve done just about all I can to give direction and get the thing going but there was a lack of participation when we got to the animation part. I waited and waited for anyone of the animators to turn something in showing that they were still working on it, but nothing.

I don’t have the resources to do the animation and I’m at the mercy of others to get the task done. I don’t know what else I can do to keep the project going if noone can complete this task. Therefore, I just stopped trying to motivate folks.

If and when someone turns something in to be reviewed, I will. Until that happens I’m going to focus my attention on other things. Sorry.

[edit] I do have the files saved on HD also. I can see about packing everything into a .zip or two and uploading them someplace for use. [/edit]


If anyone is still looking for an animator, please let me know. I would be happy to see what pieces I can help salvage for you in the animation area, provided they are still in Maya format.

<Edit> Actually, not just the animation area, but any area. </Edit>


I can join as a lighting & rendering artist. I pretty good at environmental effects as well. Let me know if you still need somebody with my skills !!



I’ve just joined CGSociety a few days ago. I’m a video editor by profession. I’m an Apple Certified Pro with Final Cut, and this sort of project sounds highly appealing.

Please PM me if you think I might be of any help!