Simple Life: Current Needs (sign in/out here!)


To all the animators who want to start: Please read the sticky threads, download the files you need & get started on a scene. I’m thrilled that new people come here and express interest. What I’d really like to see is someone animating a scene or two (or more).

Once you have a thread going and some work to be reviewed, I will add your name to the list. Thanks :thumbsup:


I would be glad to offer my lighting services to the project. Let me know what you need. Lighting and effects are my life…LITerally.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked on collaborative projects. I wish the best of luck in the rest of this project since my forte is in modeling. Kirt, if ever the “Alienz” project is resurrected I’d be glad to participate in it again. Drop me a line if you need anything from me! (Howdy Ila! I hope your eye is doing better now…)


just checking with Kirt to see if you received the forwarded clips
dated January? made some rig adjustments and added some blend

msg me on here… or send me an email to confirm. =)


I’d be interested in scoring this. I’ve got an eclectic style and can do jazzy. From the description I get you to mean like looney tunes but in bebop?

Can probably do that especially if it’s goign to be mostly cues.

I’ve been out of music for a while here’s my most recent project. Still in need of mix I’ve got the bass hitting a little too hard, but now that I live in an apt it’s hard to mix stuff like this :wink:
Sort of an Alan Parson’s Project revival. Don’t turn it up or the clipping becomes obvious :smiley:

EDIT: Ok maybe something like this for the closing credits?


Hi there!

Right now we’re looking mainly for MAYA ANIMATORS. If you know of any who would like to put their name to a project which will have the support of CGTalk, then please tell them to post here.


OK. Well I worked a closing credits sequence since last post

I know some Maya Animators, whether they’ll have free time is another story though :smiley:
I’ll definitely let them know.


That’s great. Once we get past the animating hurdle, we can move to the other parts, i.e we’ll have use for you!

Please let all your friends know about this!


Yeah this is going to be a cool project. I really like the theme.

I figured I had better do something relevant lol :smiley: Glad you like it and thank you


OK I’ve been working on my animation skills. I’m not really sure where I stand, but I would say I am pretty solid with the basics of dynamic/reactive, keyframe and SDK. I could surely handle some of the background anims with the ‘crowd’ scenes.
I’m really mostly a modeller in Maya, but I’ve recently completed a bouncing ball tute to give you an idea where I stand in the anim dept.
I’ve made some simple control rigs even. This I’m sure will help delineate everyone’s work no?
Maybe we can talk via PM about current anim needs?

Also was reading through the first post again and was wondering where I stand on scoring/soundtrack. I can do the whole film with solo piano which I think fits the comedy/irony of the theme much better than a trio. Just my opinion. Was hoping to see my name plugged into the composer spot?


I would be interested in doing the lighitng. If you have selected Estill, I would have no problem assisting.



Its my first post here.Im ready for lighting and camera and texture parts if there`s not anyone better than me haha…:thumbsup:


Well, if this project is still to go forward we need animation done. No point in getting people to light if there will be no animation for it.


hi there, please sign me up for the animators list


Hi there - not quite sure how the film is developing but thought I’d offer my services for the role of editor. I am trained as an Avid editor but have for the past 5 years been using Final Cut Pro as the tool of choice. I am also a trained compositor and use Autodesk Combustion for post production processing. I did not notice any reference to post production compositing such as special fx and colour correction but I would also be able to provide those services as well as 3D Post processing techniques using .rla and .rpf files.

Although based in the UK I regularly download/upload image sequence content for people remotely and would be more than happy to discuss arrangements for the retrieveal and posting of work.



what type of music do you need?

you mentioned small scale ok not a problem give me a couple of pieces of music you like. If you have produced a temp track that would be helpful to a composer. John Williams used wagner, haydn , mozart etc as a backing track to star wars before composing.

I am a trained composer and if i have the time i may be able to help.

Regards rich


hi are you still looking for animators? pm me and i will send you link to my reel.


I would like to be part of the animator’s team. View my work in my portfolio.


Hi, I can Model and Animate and have done so on Commercial projects, I would like to know if you still need volunteers :slight_smile:



I was having a look at the beginning of the posts and I could see there were still left some professionals to complete the team, but the posts were from 2005. Is it right?
I’d like to know how this project is running, what kind of positions are available yet because I’m really interested to collaborate.
If you want to have a look in my demoreel:

Thank you for your attention