Simple Life: Current Needs (sign in/out here!)


Edited: Never mind, Theresa got me down anyhow :slight_smile:


Hi Kirt can I help?
I could do a web site work for the project.



Hey Kirt, am I way too late to join in ? …if you still got room for me I’d like to participate. I can help in those fileds : Modeling, texturing, animating, post effects… I could assist Roberto for the site as well if every other position is filled. Just give me something to do, I’d be glad to help :wink:





A website sounds cool. PM me and we’ll set something up. Well, when I say ‘we’…:smiley:


Damn, if I’d gotten my computer sooner I could have helped out with this baby. Let me know if there’s anything still required!


I wouldn’t mind helping out on the website if needs be, since I won’t be animating anymore.


I’d love to help with Dynamics, particles, etc Is it too late??

Edit: Nevermind no need for it… maybe for the next one. Great job is looking good :thumbsup:


Hi Kirt…

I wanna be one of the animators aboard… waiting for a reply :love:


hi guys

It’s time for me to sign out of the project, dur to a new project (paid) I just entered. I won;t be able to handle both things.

PS:Wolverine, I think it’s your time now :wink:

cheers and good luck with the project, guys! I’ll be following the progress.


M on it dude… goodluck for ur Project…:thumbsup:

P.s. Btw hows bBoy doin ?:slight_smile:


DaddyMack humbly raises hand for a good cause…

I’ll help with whatever you need (3dstuff) guys, particularly animation:D


Welcome on board, Daddy!
Please read the FAQ, to ensure you have the correct version of Maya and also to make sure you know what others’ problems are (particularly with the rigs).

I’ll go and get you some work to do now! :smiley:


Cheers [b]Paperclip…

[/b]FAQ- Check
Maya 6.5- Check
Rig troubles…hmmm goody:love:

I’ve been pointed toward some group1 shots by Kirt… I got the rig, will test it out tomorrow and hopefully commit to completing some shots shortly thereafter… Are any currently marked as a higher priority?

Bring it…


Ila soleimani (aka ila_solomon) checked in as an animator!