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I’d like to put my oar in as an editor, if you guys let me :smiley:

You may have your hands full with project management, but I listed you in the Editor list as well. - Kirt


Oops I had better put my name up here, Id like to give it a shot, it can be good experience for me. Id like to try out the animating, if at all possible. If not thats fine too. Thanks!

Oh yeah if animation is all filled, Id be interested in modeling as well.

You’re listed under modelling and animation. - Kirt


I’d love to help out with this project but due to time constraints (planning our wedding) I won’t be able to participate this time around. It looks like you guys have a full crew of very talented people. I look foward to the finished product and helping out on a future short film project.


I’d like to help out with the animation. I saw the thread with the “test” that all the people who want to animate should take so I’ll get right on that. Good luck everyone. :thumbsup:

Got you in the animator’s slot. - Kirt


Hey Kirt I just realized I accidently took my lighting tests down while cleaning house on the server, but if you want them I’ll put them back up. You can have the scene file with the lighting set up too if you want.


Hey all - I just became a CGS member, so I’ve just now found out about this short story, and I’d love to help out if you all need it.

If you all still need it - I’d love to be the virtual camera man for the finished short.

I’m a Digital Animation and Film student, about to graduate (in the coming week in-fact). And I have plenty of experience with real life camera techniques as well as in 3D programs. I’ve shot and directed multiple live action short films during my time here at university, as well as developing my first short animation. You can check out a sample of my work at

Based on those storyboards (which are phenominal BTW), I think its a task I could handle well… let me know if you’re interested.

“Phenominal”? Why thank you! I’m attempting to watch “Se7en” again … iFilm hates me or something. Anyway, I got you on the Camera work. Welcome aboard. - Kirt


Updated the list again … is there anyone that I’m missing?


I think you have everyone. We should probably put up a final date for people to join.

Also-- we should specify the ‘lead’ workers- as there are some people who are more enthusiastic than others, they could get the bulk of the work.


Is it okay if I go ahead and try out the animator test if it’s okay with you guys? :scream: I’d like to try and see if I can help out with this great collaborative effort.

Added you to the animator’s list - Kirt


go ahead , thats what the animators test is there for.


Heres a direct link, glad to see its been getting around! -
Glad to be aboard.


Hi Just found out about this project and I would like to help.

I would be usefull for the previz for this short as I have beeen involved in animatics and previz and layout for cartoon projects before.

I’ve added you to layout and pre-vis - Kirt


here is a another volunteer…can help on animation and modeling…

just found about this short!..really nice !:slight_smile:

I’ve added you to animation and modelling - Kirt


I would like to help in modeling and animation…

Added you to modelling and animation - Kirt

[color=White]Thanks diogo dubiella


If it’s possible I would also like to work on lighting. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Added you to lighting - Kirt


I’ve updated the list again. Speak up if I missed you or someone that you know is working on this project. Thanks.


Kirt, you can take me off everything except Animation, I think there’s enough people in the other cathegories, so that wont be a disaster if I retire from those. I will have time to do some animation shots though

Done - Kirt


Update the list again to reflect the positions that have been filled.


Interested in participating as an editor. Qualifications and equipment list available upon request :slight_smile: