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Kirt: Point taken. The Sound guy’s would be twiddling their thumbs for a while… I didn’t notice that your list lacked lighting/post-production roles earlier.

As much as I would like to help out here, if there is one field I am really inexperienced in, it would be audio/music production. So good luck with this project, and I hope I might be able to help out with the next short!



I am up for animating some of the shots when the rigs become available.

Animator. Check. - Kirt


I’d be happy to help out where needed, bar animation or rigging :smiley: lol


As I said in the other thread, I’d love to help with the animation.

Looking foward to this!


Animator. Check. - Kirt


Hi there,

looks like all positions are taken already. I’ll introduce myself anyway :slight_smile: In work I am doing mostly lighting and shading for photorealistic renderings for the automobile industry. So I probably are most skilled in lighting especially with advanced lighting like Global Illumination. I am working solely with Maya (except Modo for Modeling) and am rendering with Mental Ray.

I did not read through all the threads in this subforum, so I don’t know what software will be used for rendering in the end.

But I’d love to be a part of the project if there are still needs. I will be able to work for this project only in my sparetime, what means in the evening and on weekends.

The decision is yours :slight_smile:
tom 8)

Lighting. Check. - Kirt


I guess I’m going to have to update that list to include all positions. Right now it only list the postitions we have an immediate need for. There will be additional positions available once we pass the first bit of grunt work (pre-vis, modelling and rigging). So, if you’re still interested in a position that is not listed yet, put in your request.

No position is filled yet, except myself and Theresa’s. The other positions will be determined upon who has the time and skill to get things done. We’re going to stick to a deadline to ensure this gets completed. So slackers need not apply … sorry, for lack of a better name. :smiley:

[edit] New positions added … I’ll add names of those who have volunteered later. Must sleep now. [/edit]


If that’s the case, I’d be totally interested in either the modelling position, or foley artist.


Modelling and foley. Check. Are you going to want to be listed as Pi3141 on the credits? - Kirt


count on me for modeling, texturing or animation… :thumbsup:


Modelling, texturing and animation. Check. - Kirt


For the Previs I was thinking of using AfterEffects or Flash (though I prefer AfterEffects), though I do have Maya and 3DS Max that I could fake 2D previs with. For the final format a Quicktime .mov would be the best way in my opinion - though I don’t have a ton of experience with this so feel free to correct me.

Here is a link to a piece that I did all the annimation on in Flash (as well as part of the script, and building all the objects). This was done for a local church trying to get college students involved by using a spoof on Strong Bad.

Does this mean that the Previs stuff should be posted under the Screenwriting thread?


To Kirt and Paperclip:

I recommend starting a Animation tests thread , where applicants who want to animate on the short submit the following tests:

-Cube bouncing from screen left to right in a happy manner (100 frames)

-Cube bouncing from screen left to right in a sad manner (100 frames)

-Cube bouncing to mid screen , notices something and goes to some other direction. Needs to show gear change. (150 frame)

There is absolutely no reason to wait to make these tests and I recommend to get into doing this asap. All those tests can be done in a day or two and we’ll get to see who is at what level.



Good idea sheep…I will see what I can get going with that. But i’ve got something else cooking as well;)



Kirt and I discussed this and we think After Effects would be the best program, given that you can use 2d objects in a ‘3d’ view, animate the camera, lights etc. This would probably be quicker and establish the final mood in a quick, efficient way.

[li] Previs stuff should be posted under the ‘previs’ thread that I shall post later today.[/li][/ul]Sheepfactory-- I rather like the ideas of the animators showing their stuff, that way we know what sort of animation to assign to each animator. However, doing it in this way may rush the animators, wouldn’t it be better for each animator to present the best stuff he’s done so far? That way, we can see what he is capable of over a period of weeks, rather than a day or so?
I’ll talk to Kirt about this and we’ll see!


I dont see how its rushing anyone considering animation starts a month and a half later. Also pasts tests unless they are of bouncing cubes dont really apply to this short , showing emotion with something simple as cubes and spheres are pretty hard and I am sure everyone can use the execise before the show starts. By the way I didnt say the animation needs to be done in a day , i said it can be done in a day , by all means take your time if you are animating. :slight_smile:


Actually, Theresa is jumping the gun on a couple of ideas I just sent her in PM (wait for the responses girl! :smiley: ).

The animation test is a good idea and I’d prefer to see the cube tests that Ali suggested rather older work. The problem with older stuff is that I have no idea if it took the animator 2 days or 2 years to complete. The cube test will force everyone interested in the animation positions to work under a first deadline. This will give me a better understanding of how well they handle the stress.

Pre-vis is basically using anything and everything at your disposal to mock up the film shots. I actually had an opportunity to listen to a lecture from David Dozeretz, pre-vis on Star Wars Ep I, and they used puppets, 3D, 2D and even his truck to mock up a lot of the pod race scenes. So if pre-vis people want to use children’s blocks and stop motion … that’s perfectly acceptable.


Sorry Kirt :blush: :slight_smile: I read your PM a minute ago! At least you know we’ll finish on time with me around! (Don’t worry, I’m commited to quality also)

I agree with what both yourself and Sheepfactory said. We can post a thread where people can put up their demo animations and we can pick the best of the bunch.


So you want animation tests? From anyone? Just trying to clarify here.


From anyone who wishes to animate on the short i think. There is a anim tests thread with more info.


For the animation tests, is there any specific rig we’re supposed to use? Hah, I can set up a test cube rig just fine, just wanted to make sure. Oh, and for the music, I’m a pretty good sax player. I’d love to get in on that if I could.

I added you to the musician’s list. - Kirt


I’d like to be listed under lighting, editor (and/or compositing if split role). May also do a few animation tests for the other thread if I find the time before M&S is over.

I use Maya, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Motion and Shake.

I can also provide a fair amount of server space (3 gigs at the moment, negotiable) with managed FTP logins on multiple T-3s if no one has stepped up to the plate yet there.

I added you to lighting, editor & animator lists. We now have FTP space for this project! (More on that in a bit.) Thanks for the offer though. - Kirt


I’m a little late to the discussion. I’ve only just signed up for the Society.

I’d love to participate, I’ve got LW, Photoshop, Premier and lot’s of hard drive space. Judging by the storyboard the modeling will probably take a few hours but it looks like that is locked up already. So whatever texturing or postprocessing I can work on let me know. Guess I would need to know what delivery method would be needed as well.

Added you to texture and editor. - Kirt