Simple but Powerful Editing Program


hi all,

i want a simple editing program that gets the job done for me, for putting my animation all together, splitting, making transition, and of course i don’t want it to be so stripped like windows movie maker, so what do u suggest for me.

and also i use Windows and Linux.


I hope this doesn’t fall into that category of questions you aren’t supposed to ask, the way a similar Q on 3D apps would? If not, you might look into Sony Vegas.



thx i will try it, but first what do u recommend Vegas 8 Pro or another Vegas 9 from Home Studio.


Either one should do it.



Personally I use Adobe Premiere which seems to get the job done. Easy to lay out your video and add transitions and what not.


so is there any thing good for Linux or just windows



Get the job done. Somehow.

It doesn’t matter what tool you use (at first): get 'er done.

If you try to put the cart before the horse, you’ll find yourself locked into debates of “which brand of flute does James Galway use to create beautiful music?” The answer, of course, being that this man is sufficiently skilled that he could make beautiful music with a cast-iron pipe.

Get out there… with anything… and edit something.

Then, do it again.


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