Simple Bolean issue


Hello everyone! I am having a simple issue with boleans. I am trying to make a cube with about 6 cylinders goin thru it then i want to do a boolean operation (difference) with looks somethin like what i have below

0 0 0 0 0 0 <== holes in the cube

When i get to the 4 or 5th one it does not cut the cube it just closes up and looks like i projected a circle onto the surface. I have tried deleting the face but it only selects the whole side of the cubes whole face. I know that you can do this in nurbs by creating a nurbs cube and projecting circles then trimming it but you cant attach trimmed surfaces and i want this piece to be one object when im finished which is why im trying to do it in polygons. Anyhelp would be appretiated. Thank you


you might have better luck if you create a segment with just one circle booleaned into it, then copied that segment 6 times, deleted the end polys and welded the edge verts together. This should give you the desired result without overloading Max’s crappy boolean system.


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