Simo's Doodle thread!


I guess it would be better for my learning process if I stopped focusing on getting finnished pieces and just learnt to let go of a sketch before it turns into a complete piece. Until I have the basics properly nailed I’m putting all my wips on hold.

So let it begin. I’m gonna touch on anatomy, portraiture, colour, landscapes, vehicles and whatever else touches my fancy.

Tonights doodle

I’m trying to get my heads right.

Now to try the same thing from a different angle!



Looks very good, Simon - perhaps only the ear could be a bit better ?

By the way, I have decided to put WIP’s in my portfolio - everything I made until now is less good than my current WIP’s, so …

I think you could put your selfportrait up - even if it’s perhaps not finished - it already looked very good and it would show another side of you - not a 3D side that is …



Yeah I guess should dump this in here.

Although i feel a constant nagging feeling to finnish it.

I’ll do a close up of some ears later. I’ll come back to that pic then.


Quick self portrait for the sp thread.


These look great!

One thing that jumped out to me was the cheek bones… I think they could be a little more massed out… you’re losing mass in there… try projecting them forward a tiny bit…

as for the profile, there should be some sort of invisible line from the tipp of your nose to the ti[ of your chin. on this line your upper lip should be pretty close to it - bring out the top lip more.

Hope this helps!

Good stuff:D


Your hair is looking very V for Vendetta-ish, lol. But really great job man! :slight_smile:


Cheers guys.

Thanks Jacques I’ve updated the face a little to fix that. thanks for taking the time to help me on that one. :slight_smile:

V for Vendetta-ish? Lol I havnt seen that film yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just couldn’t let this one go.


Im posting a drawing of a face i did after reading your post. its not perfekt or anything but it is a different style maybe you will se something you havent thougt of?

when i se portraits the thing i think is lacking in many of them is volume. to much shading and not any distinct lines to bring out the volume.

look at a nurbs sphere!


Cool. Thanks

Heres my protrait for today… some better form defining lines added.


Hey this one’s pretty good man, you use pohotographic reference for these? the values are very nice.


Yeah I work from photos mostly, as life drawing is hard with such bad light in here. Having said that I didnt really use the photo once I had the proportions. Just playing with light etc.

Btw I just updated the nose a bit.


Hey Simon! I love this last one, really nice work, I love the lighting and values :thumbsup:


Very good i think, only the hair is kind of floating in the air.

I espesialy like the eyes they fell like they are aktually looking at something
good work!!


Cheers guys. :slight_smile:

Heres today self portrait WIP


Getting better every minute, simon!

Is your torso really like that?


heheh thanks. And yes it is… I’m a skinny little runt so my muscles protrude more, and I got the angle just right… hehe. It looks a little too wide tho.


You left a bit out at the bottom. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, I think you’re improving at lightspeed, keep it up!


Hahha, well I got to that bit, then realised this is for public consumption… and I’d need a much bigger canvas! :scream: I’m sure I’ll get it finnished soon enough.

Thanks, I’m trying to get better, I just wish I had a better appreciation of colour… lol.


I feel way to crappy to do one for today but I had a try.

Todays thingie.