Simmetry modelling , and some feature wishes.


Hi there. i downloaded Silo some hour ago, so i’m in the playing and exploring phase. BTW i founsd Silo to be very intuitive in many of its parts. i like the UI, and also the possibility to customize it alot.
There’s something i miss from Lightwave modeler , and Modo, so far tho. and its real simmetry modelling. yep i know. i can setup easily my model with mirror instance, and model simmetrically, but there are some things to consider in real simmetry modelling a la Lw or Modo.

  1. in Lw and modo, u can model directly with subpatches on and forget your cage if u want. silo too, but in the case of mirror instance, u get a bad central seam in your mesh, wich doesn’t help you to focus on the final organic model so much.

  2. simmetric modelling means also that u cam model without a center line that divides the model into 2 halves. this is cool , especially if u use box modelling method coupled with spin edge for polyflow. BTW you can introduce your seam when u want or loose simmetry so no real problem.

  3. another cool thing i’d introduce, is simmetry in all axes, as it happens to be in ZBrush too. yhis helps alot, allows to edit your model working on both sides, and also in several axes if u want. i found this to be a very cool ZB feature,

simmetry mode means also simmetry selection. so in that case its easy to select beter parts aof the model. also, this is very efficient when what u only want is select a part to change its material, especially when an object is complete and mirrored. for example the inner of the mouth, or the hands if u want to resize them or make other changes.

  1. give primitives the possibility to be deformed since the start with cage handles, and also the feature to create spans and rows in them when they’re on the screen. it is much more intuitive than setting parameters in the window.

another feature i’d like to see in the future is some kind of construction history just like it happens to be in maya, but also in Hexagon.

other requests could be :
a magnet tool and so using some sort of falloff. could be extended with some brush tools ala maya/modo.

a bend tool, or better a tool similar to hexagon bender :
too good the fact you can edit the bending after youve done it,

possibility to work efficiently while in subdivided mesh mode. split tool becomes a bit clumsy tool in that case, and don’t seem to work always as expected.

also, if there’s not one give us a property window to open or keep opened at the left side of te UI alllowing to easily insert values


Yeah I agree about the mesh seam when using instancing in subdivided mode. That’s one of the good things about Lightwave’s symmetry.

And like you said, the split tool does weird stuff when you use it in subdivided mode (seems like it works as if you were clicking on the control mesh, even though you can’t see it??).

These are pretty much my only annoyances with Silo so far though.


in facts. all the rest is quite perfect!! but since i know great guys at Nevercenter like to hear their userbase and work in that direction, believe me, guys. a simmetry mode as an option could be waaay cool. :buttrock:


The split tool does only work on the control cage. If you’ve got selection highlighting enabled; when the split tool is active, you may notice you will see another edge hovering over the edge in the subd surface - that is the edge you are actually splitting.


yep i know that. however, in -cough cough - eovia’s Hexagon a similar tool called tessellate seems to work very very well in subdivided mesh.

However in Modo i found quite the same prob, BTW.


So how exactly do people deal with this ‘seam’ that appears when using an instance mirror?
Are there any workarounds?


I find it easy enough to ignore it. It’s not as though it will be there when you’ve finished the model.


when u finish the model u turn your instance into an object uninstancing it. then merge. or also, delete it and mirror your half. done! but with a good simmetry mode that would not be necessary and you could focus on the entire model easier too. :slight_smile:


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