Similar lighting


Well, first of all, i’m new here so please be patient with me, thanks.

Ok, i want to know if anybody have an idea and could tell me how the image here was created, i mean in terms of lighting. It looks very “real” and i have to do something similar but with particles and atoms for some renders about the Universe. I think it’s a very common set, in fact i’ve seen a lot of renders like this but can’t get anything similar :sad:. Any idea, tip or comment would be very apreciated.

(It’s obvious that i’m a newie).




hi Mahro, I’m not sure this is THE way to achieve such render but I think you will have to use global illumination (maybe in stochastique mode, for the grainy and diffuse look) with a sky (map with a white color). Turn on global illumination don’t do all but I think it’s the base technique used in this image. Hope I help you.

There is many tutorials on global illumination (radiosity), maybe you can have a look.


Hi Arios, thanks for your help, i’ve tried your suggestions and they gave me a very close look to what i wanted, also found a post from Shademaster with links to his website with a preset gallery he made with various kinds of scenarios, it’s really cool.
Thanks again.


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