SimCloth test animations


Time to share some tests I made with SimCloth. I invite you to do the same. Posting the setup window makes a quick reference for further use. Thanks.

I tested the tablecloth effect trying to come as close as possible to the real effect after my wife told me my test cloth was moving excessively. She showed me the real thing on a small table… Of course, as usual, she was right… I’m comming closer, some more tests to do.

Here I tested a sphere with different stiffness values. 

The same sphere with a stiffness of 100 in a staircase

To be continued…


Thanks for sharing the settings Rick.


My pleasure Aziz. You can play with the table project if you like.’


Thanks again, Rick :slight_smile:

A question - in the table project, was there a reason why you parented the centre post to the Simcloth plug-in? There doesn’t seem to be any interaction between the tablecloth and centre post.


I get “file not found” when I try to load the movies :frowning:

I’m sure they’re great though :wink:


In early tests the tablecloth was hitting the centerpost and went right through it…
So, I added it as a deflector. It is not necessary with the new settings.

Ian: I’m having intermitent problems with my Server. Seems to be fix now…
Should be permanentely corrected today. (permanently…??? LOL!)


Thanks for sharing Rick.



Richard: second and third link are the same (I don’t see stairs on third)

Thanks for sharing them :slight_smile:


Here’s the link:



Thanks Tim, I also corrected the main post.


Rick (or should I say Mr Joly as we’ve never ‘messaged’ before)

Not posted here before but I wanted to say thanks for posting your settings on the tablecloth project. SimCloth is very cool but I don’t get the chance to muck about with stuff like this as most of my work is architectural. To be able to jump in and get such an effect is very cool - cheers!

On and of course a big thanks to the Igors for such an amazing plug-in. EI rocks…or softs if you like.


A tablecloth controlled with strenght map. I let the plugin drop the cloth on the cylinder and checked the time when it hits it. I then used a strenght map and manually moved the cloth to the desired positions:

Setup for this test:

This one is a test where I wanted to fold the tablecloth cleanly using poles… Well, forget the “cleanly”…

Setup for this test:


Hey Richard,
I really like your “folding machine”, very clever.
Great tests.


Thanks Dave. Here is the heavy duty model…:slight_smile:


Brilliant Richard! Definitely one for the EI website gallery.


That’s ace !

Good work Rich :beer:


Sweet! :thumbsup:


Excellent job Richard, and thanks for posting the project file(s). I love both of them. everyone is doing such cool stuff with symcloth I need to get some time to really work with it. I feel like I’m a kid with my nose pressed to the front window of the toy store, so many wondrous new things to play with!
Now if I could just get some time…


Thanks for the nice comments. Nobody talk about how the animation manage to loop after the roll turned 90 degrees… Is it so obvious? I kinda tought it was a nice trick…:sad:


are you just using the roll separately from a flat cloth plane? if not, I don’t see the trick!