SILRER, Mohammad R. Shojaie (3D)


Name: Mohammad R. Shojaie
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

McLaren SLR 2015 - Next Generation

This car is designed for using in Bloom Racing Game. This one is Highpoly (for game demo) and i designed two other versions. Lowpoly for game and another one for 3D Print.

Sketches by Iman Maghsoudi (The most famous Iranian car designer) and modeled and rendered by me. I changed some details during modeling as you can see in final render, just like previous cars!!!

This car called SILRER by Iman.


Slick design. Good modeling. Only thing I can critique on is the shadow; still looks a little CG. And also maybe the headlights being on during the day. But then she/he could always be flashing his lights to let someone turn in maybe? :smiley:

All in all, good work!


It is like a picture. Thank you for viewing. :thumbsup:


nice render,
somehow this car looks like a combination of SLR with Enzo, anyway just my thoughts. :smiley:


Very good!:bounce:


Id love to see more angles.


Fantastic work and really good design. :thumbsup:


Thanks guys, Other view :thumbsup:


nice car .
i think car is small for this way …
and shadow not good …
but overall is good .


wow bravo very nice ( fatabarekalah ahsanel khaleghin )
very wonderful
the grass is 3d or pic ???


Thanks, Pic and worked by Photoshop.


Very nice. The reflections are well done.



Very good render. A couple of things that bothers me. The car shadow is too intense and the angle of it is weird. The highlight on the road in front of the car is too intense. If the road was wet, it would work, but not for a dry road in my opinion. Throw a bump map on the the road. It is too flat the way it is now. The white part in the window reflection is too much. The stripes on the road should be straighter in my opinion. And yes, the car might be too small for the road.

Other than that. Really great render.


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