Silo wireframe size


Hello I’d like to make wireframe bolder, currently it’s causing eye strain for me, it’s simply too small.

After is what I would like to achieve. Is it possible?


Hi, i think there is a edge width option in Display editor



You’re right, although I have more questions, is there a way to display vertex and face count, also if I have 4 views layout is there a way to enlarge one with hotkey and then if I press same keys again it goes back to 4 views layour


Vertex and face count…i don’t think that you can do it.

But the layout - select 4 window layout from Display - Viewport layout, and then by pressing space you can maximize the one your cursor is over…and then by pressing space again, you are back in the 4 view layout.



Thanks, it’s so simple and I couldn’t figure it out, although I managed to find out that I can turn on Scene Info and it displays number of faces verticles and etc. :slight_smile: