Silo + wacom intuos advice


Hey guys all the best in this new 2019!
For the past 10 years I’ve had a wacom bamboo sitting in its box and never got around to using it.
Yesterday i got a wacom intuos (the bluetooth medium size version) and i want to finally get into it.
Could you guys share your experiences?

  • does a tablet really make things easier/faster with silo?
  • what are some problems?
  • what functions do you assign to the buttons?

Thanks a lot in advance :wink:



I’ve been using a tablet for 3d since I bought my Intuos 2 (iirc) a VERY long time ago…I was using it with trueSpace2, which was brand spanking new. I found that some 3d programs worked amazing with it, many worked well enough, and some just didn’t work well at all.

Silo has been primarily sitting in the “well enough”. That said, I did just (a few months ago) pick up an Intuos Pro (Large) to compliment my workflow with my monitors and my Cintiq 27" QHD Touch. I tried to use my Cintiq with Silo and other 3D programs…and I get distracted by my hand being in the way of eveyrthing. Strange because when I use my Cintiq for sculpting in ZBrush, or drawing/painting (2D or 3D), I don’t have that problem. I think it has something to do with my brain going into “visualize the wireframe and vertex structures”…and when my hand covers any part of the 3D model it ‘hiccups’ and wants me to move my hand to see the full object; crazy brain! :wink: ).

Anyway, I was using a Huion WH1409 (?) with it, but the drivers conflicted something fierce with my Cintiq…so I had to buy another wacom tablet. Too bad…I actually prefer the Huion’s “feel” to the Intuos…but oh well.

The key thing to get used to with using a Tablet for 3D is the accuracy and sensitivity of using it. With a mouse, you move it and can stop “on a dime” and not jiggle it around because of friction between the whole mouse and the pad. Not so much with a tablet; EVERY little jiggle or muscle twitch translates to the mouse ‘pointer’, and this can make it a bit difficult when zoomed in to do precise vertex manipulation. You will get used to it though, but it takes time. Same with hotkeys; you will find yourself “remapping” a LOT of hot keys that you honestly didnt’ think you used so much…but you do. You will remap them because it’s so much easier to just have one hand on the keyboard and not look at it. With a mouse, you just let go of the mouse and can use two hands, then go back over and grab the mouse again…and the pointer wouldn’t have moved much at all because the mouse didn’t. With a stylus…no. You’ll see what I mean in the first 10 seconds of using it.

Persevere! Put at least a few days or more than a week into accepting you are going to feel like you are a newb and that it will take you ages more time to do something you could do in half an hour with a mouse; this is because you are not used to your ‘new’ hotkeys nor the tablet ‘feel’. Do what the kitten does… Hang in there! :wink: You’ll get better. And when you do, you will find a tablet to likely be MUCH more comfortable to use for long periods of time over using a mouse.


Paul L. Ming


Thanks a lot for the insight man.

Yep, i feel stupid with the tablet right now (not so much with 2D drawing software, with brushes and such). I saw a youtube vid where one of the advices was: ‘just disconnect and hide your mouse somewhere where you cant find it’ :smiley:

Thanks again.