Silo uv mapping


Ok just sick of the “how much will silo 2 cost” thread being on top of forum so long…

I am really looking forward to the new uv features, but wish we had more concrete information. I think it will have a “pelting” function and wonder if anyone can confirm this. It was hinted at on the nevercenter forum. Just really want to know more.



Jamchild any comments?? Definitly been a long time since we have had any updated info on this feature.


hehe… so you finally decided to take my thread down from the spotlight… well TWO can play this game! muahahahaha

  • Leo

p.s. lol… I got tired of it too… :slight_smile:


that would be great but where did you read about this ?
I remember that users requested this feature but i didn’t saw NC replying about it…
It looks like NC is trying to find the good balance between feature list and release date…


If I remember rightly it was when the Modo UVmapping video was released. It was being discussed on the NC forums and NC (can’t remember who now) said Silo would have a similar workflow. That implies pelting but there are no details around as far as I know. - Baz


Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pelting does’nt look to far away.


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