Silo Replacement?


Hay guys, check this new software Rocket 3F, it is like Silo and has superb workflow!
it is in active development, check it:



I just thought about voidWorld (nvil) when i saw this…

and curiously enough:

Kun Shi is a programmer, he is responsible for all code of Rocket 3F. He also created NVil, software that is used as platform for Rocket 3F.
Their partnership started in 2015 when Andrei offered to Kun to take part new project that later got its name - Rocket 3F.

Hah… developed by 2 people, no subscription bs, good price, indie look… i’ll give it a try right away!
Thanks for the heads up.


The crease tools alone might just make it worth a purchase.


This error - Failed to connect to web server, was fixed.
So now you can use Rcoket without any problems!


Version 1.3.2 was released!

  • Dark Theme was added! It is the first version of Dark Theme, we will continue to work on it!

  • Explorer window was added!

  • Polygon Auto-Weld option was introduced (Right mouse click on Extrude Polygon Button to toggle it)


Rocket team just completely redesign its UI, now it looks very cool!

Version 1.3.3.
Rocket grows up and we moving from childish “Ice-Cream” UI to more Professional look!
Check it! 2 completely new color schemes Light and Dark!


Rocket 3F - UI is not really what people need because everybody wants own UI. We need Silo3D full customization - easy hotkeybind, mouse key bindings, color and mesh look customizations (thickness of edge, size of vertex ) … well just take a look at Silo customization features and COPY it, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

I have no UI at all I work only with keyboard and mouse hotkeys,as it looks now, your UI is totally bloated like 3DS max - you need option lke in Silo where you can hide everything and let people customize software with hotkeys and actions. Don’t turn this into second Zbrush or 3Dsmax with zillions of menus, boxes and icons. Silo is so zenlike because you can hide all the bullshit and work only with keyboard keys and mouse actions and if I need sth I can always open windows menus.

I dont need any icons for cube, torus … any icons for edge, face … it’s obsolete design of UI.


Hay, Pro version is here!
Pro version is a flagship version of Rocket 3F, you can customize it the way you need it, you can change hotkeys, create your own User Interface, create your own StreamLine and Composite Tools, create your own Radial menu, etc… you can change everything!
And the main feature is that you will get thousands and thousands of new tools that is not available in Free and Basic versions.

Check this videos to see Pro version in action:


Some new videos:

Youtube chanel with a lot of videos:


Hay gays, check some more videos:


Rocket3F would be a perfect replacement for Silo3D or Hexagon3D IMHO…


Hay, Rocket 3F is on Sale!!!

Check it:…riday-sale-2017


We glad to let you know that we just released new version of Rocket 3F!
In new 1.5 version Render was introduced!!!
Now Rocket 3F Basic version is absolutely free!!!
Also price was dropped and Pro version costs now only 79 EUR!!!
Details are here:


Great update man!
Is it possible to bake the AO to the model uvmap and save as PNG for example (like in 3DCoat or xNormal)?



Question about the render engine: What is the maximum number of threads it can use? Is there an “optimum” number of threads to use?


Hay, 1.6 version is here!
Updates: Push Pull, Ambient Occlusion, Auto Save, etc…

Check video overview:

Also you can check how new Push Pull works:

For more details click here:

Happy modeling
Rocket 3F


This looks great but every browser tried states “The site is not secure” and blocks it
How to know this is legit? YES
According to:

To be clear I’m not questioning the app, just the links to it. :slight_smile:
Did anyone else get this issue and What’s the best way to fox it?