Silo, OpenGl, and Linux


I have not been able to post in the official forum, so I will post it here.

I completely dislike how things are going with the weathered-down OpenGL implementation on future Windows OSes. So a port to Linux of Silo would be absolutely great. I guess it cannot be so difficult as OS-X is supposed to be Unix-based.

Why not change to Mac? Too many PC software I need which has not been ported :sad:, and more importantly, lots of PC-specific hardware. So I guess if there was a Linux port of Silo, I would use all the software I can in Linux and what I cannot, use Windows, until Linus ports of the software come available.


Hi there Juan,
There’s another thread at the Silo forum on this as well

I really doubt it’s only rumours so I’d switch to Linux myself
and would love to see a Linux version as well.



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