Silo on Steam FTW!




It’s nice how they’re still trying to milk more money from it, after pretty much kicking their community in the face…


I personally don’t have the time and desire to hate, i prefer to focus on using the software, which is fuckin awesome! It works for me, it gets the job done, little do i care about constant promises of ‘new presents’ for the spoiled children that most companies use, to keep people F5ing the forum pages instead of working.


I am really considering grabbing it on Steam but the fact they didn’t update it in ages kinda throws me off. Any idea when Nevercenter finally gives such a good tool finally a bit more love again ?


Actually, I wasn’t waiting for “new presents”, but more bug fixes. It’s nice how you assume others are spoiled children without knowing anything about them.

I found the software really buggy. It used to crash way to much for me. Don’t get me wrong, Silo is an amazing modeller. Though there were still a lot of bugs they needed to squash.

Glad it worked well for you though. :slight_smile:


Its obvious that the original developers are not related to SILO anymore… the people that handle nevercenter now are not the same people. Silo works… yes it crashes, yes it has limitations, but works for me and thats its purpose.

These are the cars for Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing, made with Silo by then SUMO artist Antony Ward


I sit between the both of you in my view of the situation. Silo is still awsome and I use it often but there are some annoying bugs/quirks/omisions that I’m sure wouldn’t take too long to iron out.

The mirroring is one of the awsome things about the program but you do have to make sure it isn’t bugging out and re-mirror from time to time as that is one of the main causes of crashes (for me anyway).

The more worrying thing is that it might at some point be incompatible with whatever operating system I end up using. That would be a scary day.


I completely agree with you John Keates, but as we all know silo is not going to get any update. That means we have to value its virtues even more, instead of staring into the empty space in the cup.

Most of the critiques come from people that are simply perpetuating opinions that they read on forums.

I believe only what i have experienced myself… internet is full of opinions (silo is buggy, blender is too hard, etc.) these opinions are very easily swayed by the industry, or by the crowd (which unconsciously perpetuates the agenda of the industry)… so what i’m saying to the “silo is buggy, dead and nevercenter are idiots” people is: look at the art made with silo, try it, when a bug happens look for the autosaved file, try to work around it, be proud of your results!


I totally agree with Outburner on the issue. Silo is rough around the edges and it does have its annoying bugs but so does Maya, despite the fact that it is a premium 3D software. What matters is what you do with your tools and Silo is a tool that I would love to keep using and I do think that its nice that Silo is being sold on Steam, specially for 55 Euros (here in Sweden at least). I do hope that with more people using Silo, Nevercenter will see the interest come back and they will put (or at least hire) some staff to work on it.


Since I have opened a new thread that hasn’t been published yet, I will post my thoughts here: I would love to see a kickstarter campaign to support the continuation of development for Silo.


Got to get the source first. Otherwise you start over… and I’d start from v1.x back when it had a plugin interface and was more stable.


Just got back into 3D after finishing a degree and using Silo once again is a pleasure. I do get the odd crash but its done me well.

I thought Nevercenter had killed it off, but if they are still selling it then that’s a relief. The thought of having to use some thing else for modelling fills me with dread…

It would be cool if Nevercenter developed an animation & rendering application as a companion to Silo. That would be awesome…


That is has been my dream since i use Silo… especially animation, can you imagine rigging and animating with Silo’s simplicity!


Gawd, yes!

I’m really happy with Silo the way it is, and to have a"Silo-Animate" package would be bloody brilliant. All they would need to do is provide a C++ api for plug-ins and python for its scripting language.

Saying that, Messiah seems a good animation/rendering package for a cheap price, but its rather quiet in its community and support. Also, whilst if one is patient and waits for the price to drop to as low as $10, it seems like an act of desperation at times…as if PMG might not be around much longer. I could very well be wrong, but PMG should really leave it at a price such as $400 and be done with it. For the moment, I just use Blender - especially now it has a Maya pre-set, which makes it a little more Silo-friendly…


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