Silo Mini Challenge anyone?


Is everyone familiar enough with silo to do a mini challenge yet?

I’m anxious… wanna do one!


I’m in. What did you have in mind for a subject?

Anything to improve my skills.



I dunno… a cute robot sidekick?

I was depending on smart people to tell me what to make!


Mmmm… I am in, though I don’t know if I’ll be able to spend too much time on it, as “traditional art” is taking its toll right now.

I wouldn’t suggest a too specific theme like “robot”… You are excluding those who hate robots (like me), and reducing the capacity of anyone to imagine exiciting things. I would say something like: “Preparing the battle” (if anyone wants to create a battle of robots, it would fit in), or “Heading home” or something like that… :wink:


I have no preferrence :smiley: I’d just like to see one… :smiley:


man i`d love to join

but right now i dont have my PC that i work with
so i guess i`ll join as soon as i can


I guess none of the official guys are chiming in… so shall we vote and figure out what we’re gonna do?

Start with Organic or Non-Orgnnic?


i would suggest some sort of mechine flesh theme i like it because there`s organic ant non organic elements


What we could do is these… and time ourselves to see how fast we can complete them :smiley:

(put in the corrected second link, I think this is one of the finest tutorials I’ve ever seen)


I am afraid I have created that head a couple of times as a training (great tutorial by secondreality!!!), and furthermore it doesn’t encourage our creativity… My 2cents.


Right. These challenges should bring out everybodies creative sides, not just seeing who’s the fastest at following step by step instruction. Think of some things you would like to model (keep the subject broad) and post them and we should decided what we want to to. My suggestion (since you’ve given the links to the head tutorial) is to create your own creature. Could be a vampire, demon, angel, what ever. No zbrush just straight Silo and clay renders (ie no textures). That way we can see how everybody aproaches modeling differently …I know it’s tempting to bring it into zbrush but for the sake of this thread we should keep the silo only work here and if you want to continue working on it in external programs then post them under the WIP forum thread.


I would like to participate and would suggest something easy for the first challenge, we do not want to intimidate beginners from participating. A broad subject, such as transportation would be good. This way everyone can participate at their skill level. Models can range from simple space ships to characters with jet packs.

Looking forward to what ever challenge is decided, the sooner the better.


Hehe… I’m just throwing out ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a mod, I’m not a Silo Dev, I’m not anything but a learner on this new little board… so I’m NOT going to be the one to make any decisions or choices for the rest of you…

I’m just waiting for one of you magicians to say… okay “Do this… ready GO!”

And I agree 100% that it sould be a Silo Only project :smiley:


Same here, so I suggest that if we can get a least 5 people to participate,we start today and set the end date to next Friday 7/8. For the first challenge we will model a cartoon item.

For example a character/vehicle/building/etc.

Once we get the people we can start a new thread and start posting there.

KBOC, if it is okay with you I’ll count you and me in and once we gat a few more people we’ll start.

SO EVERYONE let us know if you can participate and we will start.


i’m up for it…

just tell us what’s io gots to do…

yuk yuk


So that’s hopefully 3 people so far:

KBOC (I think)

MArll- I guess we will start a new thread, post our wip as we go along. Give and get constructive criticisms as we proceed. Vote for a winner?

I guess we’ll go with the cartoon item and when we get another person or so I’ll start the new thread.


A cartoon item. I’m in.


I’d like to participate, but I’ll be lucky to get 2 hours to spend on this stuff in the next week, and I have other projects that I need to catch up on first :frowning:


YAY! Cartoon it is! I’m in!!!


I think we have enough people to start and hopefully more will join. This is what I like to post in the new thread for the challenge:

 Silo Mini Challenge-1:

   Theme: Cartoon Item (Character/vehicle/furniture/animal/etc.)

   Start Date: Now            Closing Date:  7/8/05


   1) Have fun

 2) Learn something

 3) Respect others

 4) Only Silo may be use for modeling

This challenge is open to everyone, so give it a try. Please post your works in progress here, so others can view and learn. I know time is precious to everyone, but since this is for fun and the theme is broad, choose something that your time permits and post your wips. There is no penalty for not finishing; the object is to follow rules 1 & 2. On 7/8/05 or prior post your finished model. Then I guess we will choose another topic.

  Looking forward to suggestions and comments to help make this and future challenges better.

Any comments or suggests before I open the new thread?