Silo Mini Challenge-1 Join Us!


Silo Mini Challenge-1:

      Theme: Cartoon Item (Character/vehicle/furniture/animal/etc.)
      Start Date: Now            Closing Date:  7/15/05
      1) Have fun
    2) Learn something
    3) Respect others
    4) Only Silo may be use for modeling

This challenge is open to everyone, so give it a try. Please post your works in progress here, so others can view and learn. I know time is precious to everyone, but since this is for fun and the theme is broad, choose something that your time permits and post your wips. There is no penalty for not finishing; the object is to follow rules 1 & 2. On 7/8/05 or prior post your finished model. Then I guess we will choose another topic.

     Looking forward to suggestions and comments to help make this and future challenges better.


Here is my attempt at a surprised cartoon doggy. C&C please!


Something I kind of slapped together this morning…might change my entry later. :stuck_out_tongue: It was supposed to be Meat Wad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force but I don’t know how much it looks like him. :slight_smile:


They both look great, I have to get my butt in motion.


Started this last night and decided I would use it for the challenge. I have been trying to complete a character (real or cartoon) for a while now but usually give up and start over before finishing. As you can see, its missing a head and hands which happen to be my problem area’s, we’re see how it goes. At least now I’ll have to finish it.


I had some free time over the weekend and I started working more on a project that had been put aside for a while. I’ll try to get some pics up later tonight :slight_smile:


Here’s a cartoon dude I’ve been working on. His name is Edwin, but his friends call him Ed.


Im late…i only got 2 days left…I guess i missed it Bob…

Post another challange after this and will enter it than…cheers


Current WIP of Griz. The design is from a 2D short I worked on at Wetsand Animation. Scheduale has getten hectic and I wont be able to finish him in time for the end of the challenge. I was just startin work on his ears when i had to stop. C&C welcome.


It was suggested in the other thread that we run the challenge for 2 weeks, and being pressed for time myself I tend to agree with that, and would further suggest that maybe we have 2 challenges a month and run them from the first of the month through the 15th of the month and the second from the 16th of the month through the end of the month. If it is okay with the other participants we can change the current end of this challenge to July 15.

Please let me knowhoe you feel as soon as possible.


Sounds good to me. I’d already been working on mine for a while before the challenge. A week is really short!


I have read read a few posts requesting the challenge run for two weeks, so I have changed the end date to 7/15/05. So there is still plently of time to join in.

Also please consider the following:

  1. Having 2 mini-challenges a month, the first running from the first of the month through the 15 and the second running from the 16th of the month to the last day of the month. For example this month the challenges will run from 7/1/05 to 7/15/05 and then from 7/16/05 to 7/31/05.

  2. Selecting the themes in advance. We could all submit, say 3 challenge topics that we will like to do. I will do a quick survey and and assign them to dates in the future. This way you can get a jump on a topic you really like or if your pressed for time you can start a little earlier. Since there are no prizes and the challenge is for fun, I see no harm in people starting early.

For example:
Challenge 1- 7/1/05 to 7/15/05 – Cartoon Items
Challenge 2- 7/16/05 to 7/31/05 – Vehicles
Challenge 3- 8/1/05 to 8/15/05 — Creatures
etc, etc.

Let me know what you think.

We still have to work out voting, any suggestions?




I think its a good idea. We should all have challanges that suits everyone. For instance if someone is only interested in vehicles, they can wait fot that challange to start before they participate. Me myself, i like them all, i think they all teach you something in each project. But i can see how some people just do not like organic, or hard surface modeling. For me its a good challange, but giving them this choice is great because tehy can wait. So we could devided up into lets say chategories like: 1. Cartoon, 2.Creature 3. Human 4. Robot/vehicle Each month they would be divided the same. For ex… Lest say next month is Cartoon and Creature, the following month is Human, and Robot/vehicle. This way you do not need to vote. Just wait for your choice and than just jump right on it.


Modeling challenges sounds fun but i think 2 weeks is alot of time, i’ll finish 20 models in that time. Won’t there be any speedmodeling challenges ?! like you gotta model something in a day or a few hours and then post it, a specific set time and a subject that needs to be done within that time. I think that’s much more of a challenge than spending 2 whole weeks on something, that means i get to sleep for 1 week and 6 days hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

And variations in subjects is great as suggested, that brings everybody in and everyone has a chance too. Not just a select few pro’s. Btw, a kind of timer plugin for Silo would be great to have now, and something that records the modeling as what they got in Zbrush 2 with the script that’s recorded as you model. That’d be a nice feature when doing modeling competitions like these here now so we all can download a small script, run it in Silo and see how someone modeled something and a timer that ticks away at the same time showing the amount of time spent modeling it.

/ Max


While two weeks may seem like a lot of time you have to think that most of us can’t spend our full attention on this project, it’s something to work on every so often. At least this is the case for me. You -could- do 20 models in two weaks but why not work on one model in two weeks and make it really good instead of 20 so-so models? Not dissing your modeling skills in anyway just saying… :slight_smile: Speed modeling is another good idea too, I think that could be anotehr good side challenge. Maybe when Nevercenter gets their new forum setup there could be a speed modeling challenge thread for that.


Patrick and everyone.

I am the moderator for the challenge section of the Nevercenter Silo forum. That being said, I have had numerous people clamoring every once in a while for there to be contests running on the Nevercenter forums. So, like a good moderator, I set up a contest, and no one participates. :cry:

I want there to be contests on the Silo forums, but after the last modelling session I set up, and no one participated, I kind of gave up. :banghead:

I’m glad to see there are a bunch of people over here who are interested in doing contests/sessions, and hopefully there will be more traffic over at the Nevercenter forums, and we can actually get the sessions going again. :applause:

Here is what I am going to do:

Over on the Nevercenter forums I will set up a new speed modeling session, using the old list of topics. I am interested in seeing the amount of participation that will come in. Everyone needs to prove me wrong, and get involved over on Nevercenter’s forums.

I will also set up a new topic for submitting ideas for speed modelling sessions, so let’s get some new ideas going.

I will either clean out the forums of all the old dead threads, so it will be nice and clean, or talk to Jamchild to do the house cleaning for me.

Everyone who is interested in speed session and modelling sessions get on over there and participate. :buttrock:


coolies… i am off over there to check it out now :slight_smile:


Don’t go running over there yet, I am waiting for my admin rights to be updated so I can clean things out.

Nothing there yet, but coming soon.


I would guess that the last challenge was just too big. Design and model a concept car in 2 weeks, woah! There’s no way I could find the time to do that. I would suggest simpler projects or much longer deadlines. Even then there’s bound to be times when hardly anyone manages to complete in time. - Baz


Hey Mike, your moderator priveledges should be restored now.