Silo Maya Production Pipline


currently I own Maya and Zbrush but the Modeling tools in Silo are so sweet I have have been strongly considering getting it. Although it would add another variable to my pipeline. Most of my work would be game related.

Anyway as I said my current workflow consists of going from Maya to ZBrush and then exporting the high poly model back out and then bring it back into maya. although I think that there is a new update for zbrush where the normal mapping can be created there more efficiantly than in maya.

So what is the pipeline for going between silo and maya. I know it is a Sub-D modeler. I also notices that it seems to have some sculpting in the new version. is it up to par wiht Zbrush 3? would I still need Zbrush?

anyway if someone that operates a similar pipeline could shed somelight I would really appreciate it.


I use Maya, Silo, and ZBrush. Silo is a super sweet package! It gets nowhere near the amount of polys that Zbrush does. For instance I can get up to about 2mil in Silo 2 on my machine and in ZB3 I can get about 10-13mil. But it is awesome for modeling and sculpting out forms. Then taking into ZB for higher details. It also has some sweet retopo tools. And the interface is so clean! Best money I have spent in awhile. Highly recommended.


I use silo maya zbrush and mudbox for my professional work, and personal. my work flow for characters is based on a ‘resurefing’ of the high res mesh that I do in mb or zb.

so if I do any poly modeling it’s in silo. for a base to take into zb or mb. or for doing the resurfing. its alos a great paclage to rework patches you get from cyslice.

there is a a tool called surface snapping. its like maya live but way better. so you can take pieces of your highres sculpt and make a shrink wrapped animation mesh in silo.

if your doing a box model and thats your final model silo owns also.

the lcsm uv mapping is awsome but a little rough at the moment. but it works.

the sculpting is not up to zb or mb level at the moment. but you can use the brushes on your base mesh so you can smooth etc.

there are no real pipeline issues really. silo exports and imports obj to maya fine.
2.0 still has some bugs that may cause you some headaches because your new and don’t know where they are. but I use silo in film production all day as a creature artist and it works for me.

if you have any questions post on the silo forum its very active.


Ditto to what has been said, as I too use it with ZBrush. Silo is remarkably nimble and slips into any workflow. You won’t be sorry.

Try the demo, and you’ll see how quickly you fall in love.:thumbsup:


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