Silo INCREASE the size of the files


Can anybody helpme with this issue? I have noticed Silo make my files twice bigger than other software. A simple scene made in Maya the final size is around 101 kb, imported the file into Silo and saved like OBJ increase to 153,818 kb… but if I save the same file like .SIB it increase to 241, 802 kb. :open_mouth: Could anybody tell me what im doing wrong or what happen to Silo? Blessings.


You are not doing anything anything wrong.
An OBJ from blender saved again by Silo contained a long list of vt 0.000000 0.000000 which when deleted reduce the file size significantly so there is something that needs looking in to I think.

on the SIB issue…

Silo files contain more data (compare SIA to OBJ in a text editor). In simple models SIB files may be a little larger than OBJ as you can only squash the data so much. Try a scene with a million faces in it and then compare the file sizes and load/save speed.