Silo Future


Hi silo developers. What is your plans for future? What additional functionality can we show in next releases?


What next release? They are struggling to get the Win64 version out and that is by far the biggest market share and revenue out there.


I like linux x64 version :wink:

I mean, new modeling tools. Maybe some python integration. It wold be good if we can have Python+PyQt for silo tweaks :slight_smile:


An Applink to 3DCoat would be also fine :slight_smile: or?


Win64 version has been ready for a while (a few weeks), but we wanted to release all platforms (OS X 64-bit, Win32, Win64, and Linux 64-bit) at the same time. We’ve been wrangling with Apple because they just tightened their rules yet again for Mac App Store submissions, hence the delay.

I think we’ve decided to just get the Linux/Win Silo 2.3.1 released, and we’ll push out the OS X version early next month once we’ve jumped through Apple’s new hoops.


I’ve been collecting feature requests for future versions, both from you guys as well as myself. :slight_smile: Python and PyQt are a tough one, only because it requires Silo having a pretty solid API underneath for it to be at all useful. Having some scriptability for invoking UI actions and the like would be quite handy, though.

New/updated modeling tools are more feasible. There are a few import/export enhancements we want to tackle as well.

We’re still updating the internal guts of Silo to be better positioned for bigger and more featureful updates in the future, so that’s taking up quite a bit of time. Silo admittedly didn’t get much love for a while, and internally it was showing its age a little bit, so the first order of business in the last year or so has been updating the core, fixing bugs, and enabling new platforms (Linux, and in a few days Win64).


Those are some great news, I’m eagerly waiting for the next version while enjoying this 2.3.1 version allot :).
Thank you Mike for giving us hope that Silo wasn’t dead :slight_smile: and thank you for the updates.


Hi Mike, since you mentioned feature requests. :slight_smile: When in Smooth Shade Mode, how about an option to set the smoothing angle in the display settings?
You normally have to break edges when poly modeling to make smoothing groups in Silo, so the idea would be to set a smoothing angle (for instance) to say 45 degrees.


Mask option in the Paint Displacement mode, would be a great addition. :smiley:

  1. Ability to run Silo with file path as argument: silo /some_path/model.obj - if path doesn`t exists, create new file
    2. Something like “Save On Focus Changed” checkbox in File menu

    This 2 improvements let us to use Silo in some pipelines with less gestures.

    Simple Example. I have Houdini:

    1. In my script i can run silo with new obj file as argument
    2. Create my model in Silo
    3. When i go to Houdini, model automatically updated, because of “Save On Focus Changed” is checked

It is very simple (but powerful) improvements. What do you think?


Some align\orient improvements. I miss a good way to orient free-rotated cube in space. Maybe some “Put On Floor” tool that use polygon to place model in right way.

EDIT: I didn’t notice before “Orient Selection To World” tool. So this feature is not so important now :slight_smile:


Use mouse combination (maybe MMB) to reset values in Numerical Editor


Good feature is having ability to send any silo command (which are used in keyboard\mouse etc) from network socket.


Way to go with the release of Silo for Windows x64! I bought Silo a few years ago because a few people who freelanced for the studio I work for used it to good effect. However, I didn’t really dive into it because it became apparent that it was no longer being given much love (I’ve kept tabs for any news updates all the while, however). Now that it’s resurrected, I’ve reactivated my license, but by now I’m quite happy with other poly modelling software I use. Even so, I never limit my options and 95% of my work is done in ZBrush, so whichever app is the best companion to ZBrush is the one I use in my workflow and recommend to others I work with. Which ties into my request… please consider implementing GoZ between Silo and ZBrush (an SDK is available through Pixologic). That’s been on a lot of wishlists for a long time, so far as I can tell, and it would certainly weigh heavily in my own consideration as which companion poly modeller I use. Cheers ~J


I only get an installer that wants to put itself into “Program Files(x86)” where the 32 bit applications live…


EDIT: Found it. Had to click the Windows link for “available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux” that gave me a pop-up to choose the 64-bit edition.

All the other regular download links only gives the 32-bit version.

Maybe be a bit clearer on this on the site is a good idea… :wip:


One more tiny little request: please implement either the ability to disable camera rotation in orthographic views, or an option to reset orthographic view alignment to default. Right now, having looked around online, it appears one has to completely exit and re-open Silo to reset the orthographic view alignment, and while I appreciate that one has the option to simply never rotate the views in the first place, I occasionally experience a memory lapse of hotkeys due to switching between multiple programs. Thanks :wink:


Does that list we voted on years ago still exist?


Love that a 64 bit version was released. However, as far as future updates, I think there’s one feature in particular that I think many would agree is a top priority if Silo is to be considered a usable, modern sub-d modeler once again. That feature is OpenSubDiv.


OpenSubdiv is certainly nice, but it would be difficult to integrate into Silo without rewriting a lot of the internals; Silo is built around its ability to subdivide already.

The industry does seem to be coalescing around OSD as a standard (that’s Pixar’s goal for it anyway), so at some point this may very well get implemented in Silo as well. Proper fractional creasing for edges and vertices in OSD are essentially the main features opened up by usage of OSD.


Not sure if its possible and a small request, but there is one feature I did grow fond of when using Max and Blender and that was the right-click cancel. Its a little niggle I can live with though if its too tricky to implement.:slight_smile: