Silo for Linux ?


Hi, from time to time there are people that are using Linux for some work . So here’s the question :slight_smile:
Will there be a linux version of Silo?


Only up to version 2.3.1

No plans at the moment for 2.5x to support Linux as for as I know.


Yeah I remember the old versions. I realy don’t know why they’ve stopped updating the linux version for this new one .


Hi everyone,
I can not cut it in Ghosted Shade Mode is this normal ore am i the only one.


You CAN cut from existing edges to other edges, or vertex to vertex, or vertex to edge :slight_smile: , but yes you CAN’T cut from a vertice or edge in the middle of the polygon in ghost shade mode, maybe they will fix this in an update .
But why post here ? :slight_smile: This was for Silo on Linux not about bugs in silo :slight_smile:


It is a shame the Linux version has been dropped as I found it worked great under Ubuntu.


We are sad about Silo for Linux not actively being developed, too. :(Unfortunately, the demand for Silo on Linux systems was simply too low (about 1.5% of Silo installs) to make continued Linux development feasible. So in order to continue Silo development, we’ve had to take Linux out of active development (and also discontinue support for 32-bit Windows systems). (However, Silo 2.3 for Linux is, and will continue to be, available on the Silo Downloads page at )


At least you gave it a try and sometimes that is all that can be expected.

That said, the Linux version was introduced at a time when many assumed Silo was no longer developed at all, so maybe there will be another time to try again when interest in Silo is back to where it was…


works perfectly fine in wine. give it a try