SILO - Development thread.


ok guys. you asked. here you can post feature requests, bugs, and whatever else that needs to be mentioned to help the developers refine their product: Silo.


Thnx aw… :beer:

Yea, so, back to er eh :smiley:

I really want to know whether or not you folks think that having last tool selected remain selected until another is chosen…

forget that it is me asking this, but rather… would this be a good thing or not…





um, ok, no opinion thus far… anyways :rolleyes:

Also wondering if this is happening to anybody else… say when you are tweaking or rotating for that matter that if you hold the approp button down and as you make your op that when you release the move keeps on going… not sure if I described this correctly, but yea… the move keeps going for a bit, then stops… not very accurate… when rotating the cam this also happens, though if I do the op quick like and release quick then it is ok ?


Do you mean that when you release the mouse button the selection keeps moving a bit? I don’t notice that happening.

On another note, in the scene info panel, why do we need a refresh button? Why not make the selection info update automatically?

As for keeping a tool selected, it doesn’t make much of a difference for me. It might be fun to have a ctrl tweaking option for a tool. Like selecting a edge, holding ctrl + spin edge, edge spins, while still holding ctrl, select another edge, and that edge would spin too, but I wouldn’t want to have it as the default. And in the end, it’s not a big deal anyway.


Do you mean that when you release the mouse button the selection keeps moving a bit? I don’t notice that happening.

Yes, exactly…


Nothing like that happens here, either. I saw something like that happening in other applications on slow computers. Time to ditch that Pentium Classic, Ibox :smiley:

I agree that all tools should be remain selected until you change another tool.

Also, wouldn’t it be great if selections were part of the history? So if you deselect accidently, you can press undo and get your selection restored. What do you think about that guys?

Oh and how about snap onto elements. Say when I use split tool, I would really lke to be able to snap onto edges and points. Or at least I would really like to see them highlighted when split tool pointer is over an element.


how would extrude tool work if it remains selected?
you click on a face and it instantly splits into a extrude. Then you try to move it, but you miss the manipulator, and you’ve just performed a dbl extrude. or you want to extrude a L shape pattern from a cube. you select a vertical row via selection box and they magically extrude when you let go, then you want the horizontal row so you select that and it extrudes. problem is you have two seperate extrudes when you wanted one. let alone selecting two faces to be extruded together that aren’t exactly in line with one another. Hold shift down, click on one face, it extruded, click on second face it extruded, but again they are separate extrudes. I say keep the tools as they are, and add a ctrl tweak mode for them if ppl want it and it’s not too much of a hassle. but i think they’re fine the way they are.


haha, very funny amblght, but yea, this celery400 is getting kinda old eh :smiley: Though I must say that the same does not happen within any other app I use including Wings and/or C4D, so hmmm?
(additional note to this) same thing happens when I use the smudge tool in PS, like a delayed smudge… funny thing is that when I open the liquify filter then do smudge within said filter, smooth as silk… which leads me to believe this is a programming thing and perhaps not just my wee machine )

and a big resounding yes on the undo keeping track of one’s selections as well… real drag to have to reselect everything

I am still tring to decide more about the split tools… not really familiar with them as of yet… like say split face… how do you control which axis the split goes…?

I really miss bevel vertsas well flatten…

and how does one do a hard edge divide… so as to end up with a cube with say 96 faces but still sqaure like … ( I must really be missing on this one )

melchior… download the trial version of C4D v8.1… pop a cube on screen, be sure to open your modeling tools, and then choose a face and extrude, then choose another face and extrude again… notice you did not have to reselect the tool… I suppose that simply hitting the extrude hotkey in Silo/ and or repeat last tool hotkey are pretty much as simple, just having the tools remain active saves having to hit another key is all… I think that having to hit the least number of keys is always the way to go eh… like simply having the cam on mmb like as in wings as in apposed to having to hold down alt while choosing lmb… all part in play to creat’n a better workflow I believe :slight_smile: alll the while freeing up a few keys for other stuff :slight_smile:


and how does one do a hard edge divide… so as to end up with a cube with say 96 faces but still sqaure like … ( I must really be missing on this one )

Speaking of which, I really like the way that Metasoquia app handles this upon the git go…


wouldn’t it be great if selections were part of the history?

definitely, it’s very frustrating having to reselect all the time. same goes for partially done actions (e.g. split/append).

one always has to perform the action, undo it as a whole, reselect the tool and start over. that’s very annoying.

when you release the mouse button the selection keeps moving a bit

this happens a lot when appending to existing geometry and needs to be fixed.

some other things i noticed:

when performing an action (e.g. connect) it’s impossible to repeat it by ‘repeat last command’, for selecting components is already considered a repeatable action.

this isn’t really helpful, maybe a ‘repeat last tool action’ would come in quite handy.

one can’t directly convert an edge-ring selection into a face selection. you’ll always have to make it edges or vertices first.

very uncomfortable.

i’d welcome an ‘options’ box for the duplicate function.

sometimes it’s very helpful to make several copies/instances with fixed offsets in one go.

‘bevel/chamer vertex’ + ‘flatten’ would be nice too.

i want ‘pickwalk/jump selection’ - though i think this will be part of a future plugin package.

c’mon, put it in the main application it’s essential! :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s wrong with the axis’?

i mean, silo seems to use a ‘y-up world coordinate system’. so why on earth is the red axis - which i consider to be X - pointing up?

is this just a colour issue or a bug?

FBX-import/export would be great!

hybrid selctions (e.g. edges+verts) are also missing.

sometimes it’s really hard to get the selection one wants using only one component type.

ok, that’s all for now! :beer:

btw, why isn’t there a ‘shrink/contract selection’ available!?


ok, i tried out the demo.
Hehe, there were a few extra steps like making the cube editable, and pressing enter to change vert/edge/face mode :wip:
But i can’t choose another face without deselecting the tool. To do the multi extrude thing i have to stick with the same selection. Seems to add a lot of spacebar clicking to the wokflow.
Am i doing something wrong? Usually I don’t do multi extrudes anyway. I either extrude once and knife it up/ oop cut it. or extrude a bit, tweak points, extrude again, repeat. So it’d add a lot of tool deselecting for me. But I’d think it would be a awesome addition if it was like C4d style when you hold down ctrl and it’d fit right in with the ctrl tweak mode silo has now.


Yeah, flatten would be nice. And tighten would be also very welcome :wink:

Here’s another thing I noticed. If you mirror your object on X axis and points that are supposed to be merged are not aligned to that axis, you get an object with merged points that have positive and negative X value. Shouldn’t mirror set 0 value for all merged values on that axis?


Nice suggestions lowkey. Really like to have point bevel and jumping between edge loops. Few more ideas that may have been mentioned before:

>> Add a select vertex loop and combine all of them into a single select loop command. Too troublesome to have seperate shortcuts for each.

>>customizable right click menu. Plus context sensitive would be nice i.e. Different menu when you have either vertex, edge, face selected. (wings)

>>scrub to select geometry. (Cinema 4d, Wings, LW)

>>Expand/contract selection. Select Connected.

Umm… this is probably a bit daft, but how do you merge adjacent faces into one?


Something I’ve wanted to see for along time:

You want to change the topology…but if you change it it will mean extra tweaking and mucking around to get back to original volume. The idea is this…there are two modes…edit and template, accessed quickly through hot keys or something of that kind. In template mode volume is always constant no matter what you do to the mesh and you have the freedom to manipulate the topology as you please with out loosing an itended volume.

The positive side is that I think its a major time saver when changing a model for different animation needs and also provides alot more more freedom interms of designing your character…one would not need to worry about topology in the initial stages of work flow, only the volume and features…after depanding on needs this, volume can be re-topologised .

I think also hase some implications in non-organic modelling.




yeah, that’s something i’ve missed in maya since back in the days. maybe this would be some extra feature for character tools or any other plugin package?!


i just discovered what seems to be another bug!

after having set a few border vertices back to the origin via numerical input, the numeric-editor behaves a little strange.

everytime i hit a vert and try to click into a numerical entry field it resets all the values to 0 without those changes taking place in the viewport.

it’s just that i can’t enter any value or even close the editor without looooooong delays.

strange thing, eh?! :shrug:


hey melchior… oh yea, I forgot to mention the select/deselect part… sorry man… thinking bout it, I suppose that hitting the spacebar is about the same, workflow wise, as say rehitting the extrude hotkey… I am going to really get down and rethink this when I get home from work…

great stuff so far people, I look forward to reading more about all these ideas… ah, in quest of the perfect app… very cool :smiley:


I’m gonna have to disagree on putting selections in the undo buffer.

when I first started using silo I was annoyed by this too, since most apps keep selections in the undo buffer so I was used to it. but after working this way for a while, I think it’s better how it is. the nice thing is you can hit undo and redo and instantly see the changes, instead of having to hit undo 20 or 30 times just to undo something because maybe you had to hand select 20 vertices or edges etc.
remember the undo buffer is set by default to 10 and the higher you set it, most likely, the slower things start to get. with selection in there, you can quickly run out of undos… very quickly. the way it is now, you can probably get away with setting the undo level to 5 or 6.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a habit of using undo/redo a LOT while modeling to see exactly how the changes affect my model. I like to switch between display modes, spin around my model, etc while going back and forth to see every little change. in silo it’s nice that you can hit undo a few times and see drastic changes, plus, if while going back in undos say you accidentally deselect something, it doesn’t ruin everything you did :smiley:

I say, if anything, please add separate undo/redo for selection.

I understand people asking for changes because things don’t work like they’re used to, but I say give it a try for a while first. you might actually come to like it better how it is.


well, if you like to see drastic changes instantly it’s your cup of tea, but i can’t see the true advantage of this.

how annoying is it, having selected multilple components on a dense mesh and ruin that selection by accidentally clicking somewhere you didn’t intend to?!

don’t get me wrong, i also prefer to switch back and forth between separate component operations, but hitting undo mutliple times is not as uncomfortable as re-selecting complex selections. :shame:

the performance issue is another thing, but i guess it’s not that heavy an impact!