Silo better than most?


Just curious as to what you fellow cgtalkers think of silo in comparison to other polygonal modeling applications. I’m thinking about getting it for the sweet low price of $100 :D, but I want to hear what it might be lacking. Personally I love it and will take it over max or any other app, but I want another opinion. I have seen a lot of people switching to modo recently, what might modo have that’s more benfitial than silo?


Try the demo or learning version.

It’s missing UVs, layers and some others. However, what it does have, it does really well and is fully customizable.


Lockable Layers, and the ability to parent one object to another (like a scalable null object) both be nice…

But it’s pretty amazing as is.


“what might modo have that’s more benfitial than silo?”

A massive price tag lol!
Seriously though Modo is a more complex application with a wider range of more complex tools. That isn’t necessarily a good thing though, it can make an app slower because you’re constantly deciding which tool you should be using and how to configure it.

Simplicity is one of Silo’s strengths.

No-one can tell which is best for you though, you have to try them and decide for yourself. :o) - Baz


I think silo is one of the most ‘straight-forward’ polymodelers out there! I have almost completely switched off any UI elements except for the most important status indicators (component modes, soft, seam, snap, etc.) and once you got your hotkeys ready, modeling becomes just a breeze.

What i like the most about silo is it’s plain modesty. It’s not enforcing me to adapt to a static UI workflow or clutter my screen with unneccesary eye candy. As i said: pretty straight forward! Same goes for the user-support and the crew behind it! :thumbsup:


I’ve been bouncing this thought about since I saw Silo for the first time yesterday, after seeing the vid’s and d/l the demo I must say it a very nice app. I like apps that attempt to do one thing, and do that one thing well. Silo has made a very nice attempt at being a modeller. It lacks some of the “standard” features that more expensive modellers have.

Modo is more expensive (5x) comparatively, and it has some stability issues at the moment. I like the direction Silo is headed. Silos feature set is very rich for it’s price point. It’d be nice if they can stay competitive at this price as Silo’s feature progress towards the maintstream packages.



Silo’s simplicity is its strength, no bloat, just a simple layout, excellent & ever expanding toolset, plus top notch support & user base…:thumbsup:


For a $109 you will get your money worth. Modo cost 700 bucks for a modeling program and guess what? Silo was rated 9.0 in 3Dworld magazine and modo 8.0. Even Maya was a dissapointing rating at 7.0 lol…Max was the same 9.0. What i am trying to say is that, there are way more expensive programs out there, but if you look at it, do you really get what you pay for? With silo you get a complete package for modeling. A very user friendly interface, lots and lots of free space. Look at all the other programs out there, the work space is really limited with all those buttons and stuff. Silo also very cutomizable. U can set it up virtually to work like any program out there. If you are used to maya, so be it…set up the buttons and keyboard short cuts just like that, or other…

Silo i think is the next great modeling program and this is just a very young program, wait and see how this will develope with great minds at Nevercenter put to work.

I hope this helped…



Me too! Especially when those apps take into account they don’t live in a vaccume.


Yup, done that, still here…:slight_smile:


I’ve tried modo, max, zbrush and now silo and I must say I LOVE SILO even more than max, but I was just curious to know why people want to spend more money for these other apps if they are more complicated etc…

I might hold off on buying silo though because the main attraction it has imo is the topology brush and zbrush’s next version is suppose to have something similar and zbrush is an already tremendous application. It will be interesting to see how these apps evolve.


Silo is great, I still love Maya and Max but I find Silo’s tools being more usefull and fast. Its a great companion to bigger apps and Zbrush.

Silo has many strengths over Maya and Max. One being Softselection, as I’m able to adjust the falloff with the mousewheel. I love Edge sliding too which Max has but Maya lacks.
I also like how going up and down subdivisions is so smooth and how you can be using a function and adjust it wile you work. The new snap manipulator is great ,saves lots of time compared messing with options and various hotkeys like in the bigger apps. There is very little messing with lots of options like one would in Maya and Max.

I like the topology brush but I still thinks its faster to make a high mesh live in Maya and just model low poly over it.


I have tryed just about every modeling program out there but i have to say that Silo is just so pleasing and simple to work with… Like someone else here already stated it is just so straight forward and not bogged down with a lot of useless modeling tools that most other applications have… I’m still getting used to it, but i have already switched the modeling part of my workflow to Silo,.


Silo is now my modeler of choice - pure simplicity, effiiciency and power. It may not have all the features of other modelers that cost much more, but I’m sure it will get there and I agree (as mentioned before) - what it does have - IT ROCKS :buttrock:


i tried max, maya, wings3d, mirai, modo, Z2
silo is what suites me the most of all.
it’s just not getting into way of modeling, for me it was extremely intuitive to work with.
i just hate thinking of modeling in some other package.


Been running it for nearly 24 hours straight (god I need sleep) and it crashed on me only once: when I tried to import a corrupted 3DS file… (horrible format… the inventor should be whipped with a rubber hose)…

Anyway… other than that, no stability issues.

I also agree with polYgonZ, it’s very intuitive…


No one has mentioned Eovia’s Hexagon modeler yet?


Been using Silo for months now and love it!

According to 3D World I am not alone, Silo ROCKS!!! :smiley:

Check out the May issue and see how Silo stacks up against other modelers under 250!

Nice info!


I second all the silo raves here. I’ve been messing about with the great, but also “not quite right” tools for maya (byrons, OMT, etc), and silo makes the basic job a breeze. Congrats to Nevercentre for such a thorough job on the customization of the interface, the “packaging” of workflow and the intuitive interface. It’ll be my modeller from now on. Version 1.4’s tweaks and the topo brush are really lovely. And the price? Well, it paid for itself in about a quarter of a day. :thumbsup:


Ok but what about the animation part can I import a model into a program like 3dmax or maya.