Silo as part of the Workflow



This is a general question regarding Silo and it’s usefullness

I’m new to Silo having come across it via this tutorial by

I’m a 2d artist by trade looking to experiment in low poly work for games, I have a student copy of Maya and can use it only pretty basic.

I’ve took the time to sit through 15 or so or Glen Southern’s tutorial and yeah I’m really into Silo I like the way it’s just really stripped back and minimal…

So I’m curious, why is Silo used instead of Maya? and is it part of many 3d Artist workflow? Is it just a really quick way of building a model in a clutter free enviroment? Or am I wasting my time and should be building in Maya? I must say at a beginner level I feel to have clicked with Silo quickly…

Thoughts welcome?



Is it just a really quick way of building a model in a clutter free enviroment?

I think this is the main reason people are still using Silo.


Hi! I work in Silo for a year. Before I worked in Maya exclusively. What I think great about Silo:

  1. completely customizable hotkeys
  2. ability to lock axis (something seen in Blender/3DS Max but not in Maya); for example - I press 1/2/3/4/5/6 to lock axis to x/y/z/xy, etc. - it’s much faster then clicking and dragging gizmo
  3. Silo is lightweight - I use it as OBJ viewer because it loads in a second. I can have multiple instances of Silo running.
    Now I use Silo for all low poly modeling (great for non-organic objects when no subdivision modeling neede). Subdivision modeling is not that advanced (but I may be wrong) - I didn’t find such thing as harden edge (like in Maya), so I have to bevel edges instead (of course, that is bad for games).
    Another great thing about Silo - it’s easy to do UV unwrapping (multiple options; same as in Maya).
    Cons of Silo:
  • only .rib format is supported (but do freelancers use RenderMan?) when exporting for rendering; no plugins (since Silo 2)
  • limited number of supported formats
  • unclear future - no updates in recent years (abandoned? but it shouldn’t be a problem - I even ran it on Linux via Wine).
    But anyway: you definitely should use Silo when it comes to low-poly modeling. Think of Silo as of Notepad (Maya is like Word).


Cheers, worth sticking with then for a noob… cheers