Silo 3D beginner question on "filling a hole"



I have retired my Mac (and unfortunately have been left in the dark from Cheetah 3 - Mac only), and try to use my old license for Silo 3D to make models. However the 3D apps are a tad different so I struggle to find my way. Hope it is ok to ask a few Qs in here:

I am just playing around in Silo and would probably stick to quad based polys to avoid gaps etc, but whats fun in that for learning? :slight_smile:

I therefor have a model that I moved vertices while it was subdivided and suddenly saw that it had broken the model when I turned off the subdivide feature.

Simply put: 1. I hope to learn how to select to vertices and “connect them” as in drawing a line between them (sorry for my poor 3D lingo), and 2. select vertices around a hole and “fill” the hole.

Seems the merge feature haven´t solved it yet for me (and yes it is me - not Silo).

Thank you guys for any help!